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I am posting here to maybe get some insight on why my Elemental shaman friend is having low numbers.


Armory Profile for Gumbeaux - 645 ilvl:


Logs from most recent kills:


Mainly Butcher is my concern.


I have been told his flame shock uptime is a little low, around the 82% range, but I feel he is very capable of getting to 19-20k. He is probably missing something and can be corrected, I just don't have the knowledge of Ele shaman like you all do.


Any thoughts?




ETA: Fixed link, my apologies. 

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He is actually a very decent player already. It's really just polishing a diamond in the rough. 

  • Poor choice of talents: Echo of the elements, storm elemental totem and elemental blast aren't the best single target dps. Read Binkenstein's guide. He can explain it better than I can.  
  • Didn't pre pot and use the draenic potion twice. He should have used it during the frenzy phase and time it with a dps CD like ascendance
  • Flame shock uptime is very good. I see 99.45%
  • Could you check with him when he is using Earth Shock? Is it at 15 stacks and above? I can't see this from the logs, but is he discharging it at 17+ stacks? This is a dps loss. 
  • Lava burst is not being used on CD for some reason. This is very major as Lava Burst is our best spell. Improving this will probably improve the dps the most. 

That's all I have to share. Have fun! 

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I hope you check out Binkenstein's guide as Karanir advised.  


I looked at the Butcher logs.  I would add that using Unleash Flame is a DPS loss unless you talent into it.  You chose Elemental Blast, so I would only use it for movement at that point.  Glyph Spiritwalker's Grace to shorten the CD.  It synchronizes perfectly with Bounding Cleave, until the frenzy at least.


Good luck to you.   

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That's the right guide.

A quick tip for butcher is that he should use spirit Walker grace before the knock back to continue casting on the move. i agree that unleash flame shouldn't be used unless talented. You can use it during movement for the speed boost and also cos it's instant cast, but that's about it.

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