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I feel like my dps could be higher..

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Use warcraft logs rather than world of logs, it's a much better tool.


From a first look, 43 FoF procs vs 73 IL casts means you are casting Icelance on the move instead of Ice Floes (which you seem to have) and FB. You also casted 20 FFB's while having 16 BF procs.


I can't tell much about your opener or Frost Bomb, Water Jet and PC use (that last one looks about right though) because WoL is kind of bad like that.

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Not much to add actually, the only thing is that in your opener you seem to be casting FO when you already have one FoF charge, which leads to inevitable munching since you can't get rid of the one initial proc in time. Either cast one IL before Orb/Pc, or dont' cast WJ on pull. I personally do the first, but heard arguments either way so i have no idea which one is superior.


Frost Bomb usage looks good, cooldown management seems fine as well.

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