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is this my max dps?

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hei after some raids i feel my dps i a littel low. was wondering if any one had som pointers. cant seem 2 find whut i ame doing wrong. starting to think it is all about my gear.

(just look at the butcher one. had flamethrower on BS)


i lv 642




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    • By baggins
      I posted something abut 1-2 months ago and took the advice to get a new wep
      i back after the first raid i bench 22k and am happy but am still feeling like i can push a little bit more dps. on most bosses (Beastlord Darmac) was hopping to get some tips and pointers. (mostly because i don't see what i did in this raid that i did't do in the others but get 1-6 k more dps.)
      5 seconds before the pull, cast  Healing Touch for  Bloodtalons talent. 
      stealth then  Rake.
      Incarnation: King of the Jungle
      Berserking Troll Racial
      Tiger's Fury
      Shred 5 cambo 
      cast  Healing Touch then Rip then  Rake.
      Shred 5 cambo 
        cast  Healing Touch then Ferocious Bite=FB then  Rake.   same combo until i have to  cast  Healing Touch then Rip then  Rake. opener done   maintain buffs and bleeds and do a FB where i can. pri 1 bleeds pre 2 buff save  Healing Touch for 5 cambo if i can.   wait for  Berserk
      Incarnation: King of the Jungle
      and do opener again just no stealth
      when they are 25%hp i spam FB with 5 combo (max energy) or rip timer and maintain buff
      if more then 3 targets i do a Thrash now and then.
      if i have pvp gear on look at photo
      Ty for all the help
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