Item comparison for prot neck. Can it really be ?

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Hello all ! 


Today i was so happy to see my first follower mission that awarded me a Highmaul heroic item.


I got the Ko'ragh Family Locket (warforged). <insert angry words here>. No bonus armor?


My current neck is ilvl 655 and heres a breakdown of what i get if i switch to the Family Locket:


-87 bonus armor

+26 strength

+39 stamina

+85 versatility

+37 Mastery


Is it even worth it? I thought so but here's what i lose/gain when i wear it:


+0.53% mastery (crit block)

+0.65% versatility (only half of that is a dmg taken reduction)

+3k health


- little avg dmg (worth 55 attack power)

- 0.63% phys dmg reduction


It looks like a really really small upgrade if at all any. I was so excited but meh. Am i missing something in my calculations or is my current i655 trinket of same value as the 676 one?


Thanks for any input you may have :)

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I'd say the heroic neck pulls slightly ahead. The vers may only be half the damage taken reduction of the BA, but it's ALL damage instead of physical only. The mastery helps to close the gap in attack power while also providing a tiny bit of rage. The 3k health isn't a lot, but it does help. Naturally, you'll want a 670 neck with BA, but I'd still say use the one you got from missions.

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