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Monk(WW) Help

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Heya folks, just looking for a little help for one of our new recruits in the guild.  His DPS is really low and he recognizes it.  He approached me and asked for help, and I know nothing about monks.  So, logs and armory will be below.  Thanks


Thanks again for any assistance

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Storm Earth and Fire. That is a HUGE must on any fight with 2+ targets that will live for more than 10 seconds. 
Chi Explosion on single target = a huge no-no he SHOULD be using serenity for pure single target fights.
Rising Sun Kick needs to be used more, 2 casts of it on Butcher?! That's not good, a LOT of damage comes from that. The two good things that he's doing is using FoF pretty much on CD and keeping Tiger Power up 95%+ on most fights(Tectus needs work because uptime there was shocking but to be fair that fight is a little bit hectic as melee, Bracken could also do with some work as well but it was a hell of a lot better than Tectus). This is good, keep that up. But the rest he REALLY needs to work on.

I'd direct him to the monk guide over here as the guide here is really nice and I would recommend him to seek help here himself as it'd be a lot better than getting info from a middle-man. And it prevents miss-information. But, it was good of him to come seek help like that. But I believe he will improve a fair amount if he uses RSK more, uses SEF on fights with targets living for more than 10 seconds and uses Serenity on Butcher, Kargath if not on stands, Ko'ragh and probably Twin Ogron as well. 
Idk, my monk is an alt, so someone a bit more experienced with WW might come in and disagree with me or have better advice to add, but these are some basic things he should be doing that's he's just simply not.

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Heya folks, just looking for a little help for one of our new recruits in the guild.  His DPS is really low and he recognizes it.  He approached me and asked for help, and I know nothing about monks.  So, logs and armory will be below.  Thanks


Thanks again for any assistance

I see he only had two rising Sun kicks. He should have had a lot more than that.


Here is what i do with mine. I have a macro set up to Jab then cast serenity. this allows me to have chi to open up strong and build up tiger brew.

I will follow that with a quick Tiger palm to place the buff on me. ( this buff must be maintained)

I will follow up with a Rising Sun Kick.

then I will fill in the rest with black out kick till 1 sec left on Serenity.

at one second I will cast Fist of fury. This will still utilize the Serenity and allow me to replensih my energy and maximize my DPS.

By this time Rising Sun Kick is off CD and I am able to use the Chi I still have to cast it one more time to keep the DOT up.


Here is the macro I was talking about.

/cast jab

/cast Chi Brew

/cast Serenity


I watch in battle to see when I have serenity buff and I will follow those same listed steps above. With Jabs costing so much to cast it is hard to build Chi as fast as we use too.


Key Points:

Keep Tiger Palm Buff up on you (20 seconds)

Rising Sun Kick when not on CD

Fist of Fury when not on CD.

Fill with Black out kick,

Follow directions from here on using Storm Earth and Fire.(great to use)


Here is a Macro I have been using for a while and it works. It is great when you need a boost to DPS. I use it when I have 10 charges of Tigereye Brew normally. (unless I need to save my Touch of Karma for a special situation) But I need to rework it since the changes they have made slightly but I have not taken the time to do it yet.

/cast Tigereye Brew

/cast Touch of Karma

/cast Fortifying Brew

/cast chi wave ***-- I think this needs to be removed now but I need to test that first. -- ***

/cast Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger


He might want to come here and look at the rotation. I think what I have listed will help him out some.

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At the time of writing, his armory is set to his Brm gear. Or so I assume since he is wearing the 680 armor ring, with haste enchants and gems. His specc is WW however which leaves me sort of... confused.

Haste IS better for ChiEx but multistrike is not too far behind (and pulls ahead in single target) so it is far better to gem for multistrike.


What he needs to work on, as others have pointed out, is his uptime on RSK and TP. Advice him to download an addon such as Weakauras to keep track of these as it helps out a ton. RSK should be used on CD.


He used FoF pretty much on CD on The Butcher, which is well done. He did pop energizing Brew with FoF in the beginning, which probably capped him on energy though, apart from that his FoF and Energizing Brew usage was pretty much on point on that encounter, so thumbs up for that!


His choice of talents should be ChiEx/Ascension for cleave and Chi Brew/Serenity for single target. Chi Wave is optimal for most of the encounters, especially on single target where it is above BoK (without the proc) in priority. He used Chi Burst on Kargath and the butcher which is a big no no. 


Proper use of SEF is also a big part of WW monk. Especially on cleave fights. There are several macros to make handling this easier, my favorite is:

  • #showtooltip Storm, Earth, and Fire
  • /cast [@mouseover,harm] Storm, Earth, and Fire
  • /cancelaura [@mouseover,noexists] Storm, Earth, and Fire
This does it so that, if he mouseovers and uses the spell it will cast SEF on that target, and if no mouseover exists all clones will disappear. There are other options such as using focus cast macros that I also recommend, but this is my personal favorite.
You should really recommend him to go to Icy-Veins rotation guide for WW monks, rather than us repeating it here and then having you repeat it to him, I think it would help him out a ton, and leave out a lot of error in miss communication and such. 
Another thing is Tigereye Brew usage, I am not sure whetever he is popping them on ten stacks, or just at will. He should do it when he has procs. Since he does not seem to have trinkets that use procs (I see no trinket procs in logs) the only thing he should stack it with is Tiger Strikes. Based on logs, he is not. To maximize his DPS he wants to track all of his procs, and pop brew accordingly.
Since he is not using Serenity/Chi Brew, it's hard to give tips on his opener.
A good opener has been posted by Dolzzy in a different thread, and I'll just take the liberty to post that here as well!
He wants to spam Expel Harm while waiting for the boss to be pulled, so that he starts with 4-5 Chi.
Pre Pot on 1 
Chi Wave while running to the boss
Use Xuen
Use Chi Brew
Use Chi Brew
By now you can have anywhere from 6-11 stacks of TEB. 
FoF, then when you reach 10 seconds of your TEB duration use Serenity and spam BoK the whole time serenity is up. If you got the timing right you can stingy a Rsk at the end of it.

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I appreciate it.  

He is a new player essentially, but we're not a guild that excludes people unless they're literally a bad person.  We try to help.  We likely will never see Mythic, but community is more our focus.  He hasn't played since Vanilla and his intention was to tank.  Sadly, we already have 4 tanks that rotate based on schedule, so part of the gear is probably him looking to replace some of it.  

With how low his dps was...  I knew there had to more to it than gear and I do appreciate all the answers.  I'll work with him and send him here as well



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