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[US-Mal'Ganis][H] Extreme (7/7H) Recruiting 1 Healer / 4 DPS for Mythic

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Raid Times:


M, T, TH 


9PM EST - Midnight


About Us:


As a raiding team, we've been together since the launch of WoW ten years ago.  Over the years, we've graduated high schools, universities, founded our own companies, attended many blizzcons and still managed to find time to kill pixel dragons on a weekly basis.  To us, WoW has become a hobby and we thoroughly enjoy the challenges of getting together with our friends and figuring out ways past an encounter.  In expansions past, we used to be a hardcore raiding guild, but have mellowed out and concentrate on progression content three days during the week M, T, Th 9pm est to Midnight.  


What We Are Looking For:


What we're looking for in new players joining our team are three things:


  • Skill with your class
  • Ability to adapt to any situation presented in progression content (move out of bad)
  • Easy going disposition. We're here to have fun, not scream at each other


If you have these three traits, come talk with us and get a sense for our guild.


Recruitment Process:


Our recruitment process is very straight forward:


  • Submit an Application
  • Talk with the Officer group
  • Run a cross realm heroic or two
  • Invite to the guild as a recruit


Gear Distribution:


We distribute gear with the following priority generally:


Tanks > DPS > Healers


Outside of these priorities, members that need gear roll off.


Class Recruitment Priorities:


We accept all exceptional players but are focusing on the following:


Ranged DPS

Restoration Shaman

Holy/Disc Priest



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