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Destro - Mana problems

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Hey there awesome locks!

I am starting on getting better and better gear now, my guild is going mythic on sunday for the first time, and im doing some sims and calculating before the mythic raids are up!

i've been running some normal runs instead of hitting the dummies, and i found that whenever i as a warlock gets the TW/bloodlust/hero at start and pop everything, and do the Chaos(with proc) - immolate 100 uptime - conflagte on cooldown - Incinerate rotation, i run out of mana????? - the spam of incinerate is too high for my mana to handle, it is acctually forcing me to use my embers on CB just to keep my mana up??? 

Can it really be true that i have to make breaks to keep my mana up? - please check my stats..   http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/sylvanas/Meeze/simple

i can put a dps of 33k-36k in the first 4-5 mins of a fight, but whenever i get to the part of the rotation where i got to generate embers with incinerate, and only CB on procs i run low, and my dps falls to 23-25k?

Is my problem my low haste? or what the heck is wrong?

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