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Mythic Brackenspore Prot Warrior help

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I currently working on that boss and here it is how i manage it:


1) Boss cast decay so i build up to have 120 rage

2) I use one Shield block as soon as the boss stop its decay cast and build up rage 80 - 100 rage

3) Breath timer: I use Shield Barrier x 2 or x3 

4) Switch tank time I take the add and other tank take the boss


Problem is, we need 45 s to destack. And adds hits harder with time goes on. I spam shield block + 1 big CD. But I finish to die cause of damage income. Not enough rage &/or the 6s time without Shield Block up. 


So Adds + 4 stack of rot really give me (and healer) hard time. Most of the time even if I survive the 1st time the second time I have to manage add + rot I die because of no more personal Cd available.


I was wondering where is my mistake and how you manage it on your side.


Other tank is DK 



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In order to actually help you, I need logs.


Other than that, you have to use externals. Relying only on personals in mythic will get you killed and will wipe your raid.

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Ok thanks ^^


I died most of time on necrotic breath.


I try to use Sblock x 2 + Demoralizing Shout + Spam Barrier prot (1 or 2 times)


but I die anyway ...


PS: Only one advanced try 19 % ...

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Looking at your longest attempt last night (#11):


This attempt lasted 9:31. I see 2 Shield Walls, 1 Last Stand, 6 Demoralizing Cries, 8 Bloodbaths, and 8 Dragon Roars.


Your offensive CD usage looks good, but you could use more defensive CDs. I wouldn't expect to see the absolute maximum number of CD uses because you tend to need CDs at fairly specific points in this fight. However, you could benefit from more Shield Wall and Last Stand uses and maybe 1-2 more Demo Shouts.


Looking a buffs gained, I see three Hands of Sacrifice and four Ironbarks. I also see that you have a DPS warrior, DPS and healer pallies, a Mistweaver, and a resto druid. You can use the Vigilance from the DPS warrior, more Hands of Sac from the two pallies, the Ironbark from the resto druid, and the bubble thing (can't remember the name of it >.>) from the Mistweaver. The bubble thing from the Mistweaver is especially great for Necrotic Breath. If you don't have it, I highly recommend picking up Hermes so you can track all of the externals available to you. It's important to have at least a 40% reduction up for Necrotic Breath. It helps a lot! Also make sure you're keeping some CDs available for tanking the add. Necrotic Breath is the only thing you should need to CD for when tanking the boss, other than that save your CDs. The add, once it starts getting stacks, hits significantly harder than the boss. Make sure to rotate CDs well even when you're "just" tanking the add. Also keep in mind that Blood Fury, your racial, is both an offensive and defensive CD. If you use it during Necrotic Breaths, it'll add to your


On this same tab, I see that your SBlk uptime is 34.4%. Since you're either tanking the boss or the add at pretty much all times, I'd want to see an uptime more in the 42% range or so. I would not expect 50% because of Necrotic Breath (since you'll want SBars) and because there's a decent amount of downtime in the beginning of the fight if you don't pull.


I don't know if you have the bonus armor/mastery on-use trinket from Twins, but if you do, I'd recommend that along with the trinket from Mar'gok (which I see you using in the logs). The mastery on-use trinket is great for this fight for two reasons: mastery provides extra AP, which makes your SBars stronger and of course, it gives you more and better blocks. This means you can use that trinket to help you out on a Breath or as a CD when you have the add. I would recommend saving it for the add, but if you really need it, it will still benefit you during Necrotic Breath.


I also took a look at your "Healing" tab. You had 14 SBar casts with an average size of 23k. This is very low for this fight. I'd expect to see an average size around 60-80k. It seems like you're either using your SBars when not tanking or with less than 60 rage. Make sure you have a full SBar up for each Breath and make sure you're using it at 60 rage.


Lastly, I took a look at your "Resources" tab. You gained a total of 3195 and wasted a total of 340 or 10.6% of your rage. Make sure you're using your rage on something. Ideally, for a hard-hitting fight like this one, you'll be using SBar to prevent rage waste, but you can use Heroic Strike as well. Making full use of your rage is very important. I also see 16 Execute uses and 24 Sudden Death procs, make sure you're using those, too!


Looking at deaths for this attempt:


On your first death, I see one SBlk usage beginning at 12.64s before your death. Necrotic Breath looks like it began at 5.69s before your death. I don't see any SBar uses or CD uses. Make sure you have 40% reduction and you start the breath with a full SBar. Otherwise, you are at very high risk of death. It also seems like you may have been at less than full health when the Breath began. Make sure to communicate with your healers that you need topped off.


For your second death, the log starts 5.3s before your death. It looks like you were at the start of a Breath, so you likely started the Breath with full health, which is good. After your first breath tick, you used a SBlk. I would have recommended using SBar there to benefit from the total damage reduction. 1.7s before your death, you used a SBar with a size of 63k, which still seems low and it's a little too late. Again, it looks like you may not have had any CDs up for this Breath. Make sure you're starting each Breath with a full SBar and keep in mind that Healing Tonic effectiveness is not reduced by Necrotic Breath, the same goes for Lay on Hands. Use a potion or call for a Lay on Hands if your health is getting dangerously low!


For your third death, the logs start 8s before your death. You had Shield Wall up at the start of the log and it faded 6.29s. 4.49s before your death you used SBar with a size of 84k, which is about what I'd expect. 1.13s seconds before your death, you used a last SBar. This death seems to be due to a lack of CDs. The add seems to have been at 7 stacks or so at this time, so you needed a pretty much constant covering of CDs to account for its damage. Make sure to use CDs back to back once the add gets 4+ stacks. Call for an external if you need one.


Looking at attempt #2, you had one death on this fight and the log started 15.93s before your death. It looks like you either started with the add or taunted it somewhere around 12s before your death (that's the first add melee I see), 11s before your death you used SBlk, 9.92s before your death you used Shield Wall, 7.55s before your death you use a SBar with a decent size (74k), and about 2s before your death you used a final small SBar. Since Shield Wall covered almost the full duration of the major damage of your death log, I wouldn't say this death is due to lack of CDs. Since I see you used a SBlk and two SBars, I also don't think you died due to lack of active mitigation use. I also see that you were in range of the healing mushroom the whole time. Due to the good timing of your Shield Wall and the use of your active mitigation, I would cautiously say that you were not the primary cause of this death. Yes, there is always something more you could do, but I think the largest factor in your death in this case. I would cautiously say that you needed a bit more healer attention than you got.


Looking at attempt #5, you had one death with the log starting 12.4s before your death. You had a SBlk up when the log started and used another one at 9.1s before your death. You used a SBar at 3.7s before death with a size of 113k (nice). 2s before your death, I see Ironbark fade from you, so it looks like you had Ironbark up at the start of the log. It looks like your mitigation coverage was good and you had a CD on you for most of the duration of the log. However, it looks like the add was at fairly high stacks. If you can afford to, I'd recommend layering a Demo Shout on top of Ironbark when the add has high stacks for safety purposes (though for this death, Demo Shout was on CD). I also see you had Last Stand available when you died.


I think that's a fairly broad range, so I'm going to call that good enough for now. Hope that helps!

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Thanks you for your help happy.png


I have few question regarding your analyse.


- Sbar (120 rage) use 2 time > Sblock 2 Charges during Necrotic breath ? yes/No

- Sbar (120 rage) use 2 time > Sblock 1 Charges during Necrotic breath ? yes/No


- Can you explain me for Racial Use helping me on defensive Cd please.


Pilar of earth is not a usefull trinket consireding what you said ? yes/No


Thanks you ^^

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You don't want to cap your rage, but yes, it would be better to use two SBars during Necrotic Breath. Because you can't be healed during it, it's essential to take as little damage as possible. SBlk won't do anything about the magic damage of the breath and it'll still let you take most of the couple of melee attacks that happen during the breath.


Blood Fury grants attack power. SBar's formula is 1.125*AP*Resolve, so extra AP means you get bigger SBars. You can time your Blood Fury so that you're using it during breaths to mitigate more.


Pillar of Earth isn't a bad trinket, but it isn't as good as other options. It's bonus armor stat budget isn't great and stam in general just isn't amazing.

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Thanks ^^


I install ProtWarBar in order to follow Bprot absorb amount.


I test it on dummy with 120 rage + Racial + Pol's Trinket. I have a 23 k absorb only. And if i used it twice on a row, it is not cumulating.


If i am looking at my buff it tells me I have a 30 k absorb.


Necrotic Breath made a 62321 damage every second for 6 s. 


During Necrotic breath boss hits you one or 2 times around 150 k Damage. So with a Sblock I can mitigate 50k Damage


So is it my addon give me an uncorrect amount of absorb ? Is the Sblock + SBar (60 rage) > SBar (120 rage) ? or perhaps did I made a mistake

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You're not accounting for Resolve and raid buffs. You'll have more AP in raid and you'll have your barrier amount multiplied by Resolve. You'll typically have around 80k (ish) Barriers for breath. Also, you only need 60 rage for Shield Barrier. Sorry if that wasn't clear before, but when I say a "full rage SBar" I just mean that you used 60 rage on it, not that you should cap your rage before using it. Though maybe I'm misinterpreting and you only did that to see if they'll stack. So you'll end up reducing about 160k vs the 50k-100k with using SBlk.

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