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Hi there,


I just wanted to know if i was the only one getting quite a huge gap between what i am supposed to output and what i really output in terms of DPS.


Here is a log example where i reach 21k, i usually do 21-23K with my current stuff but where are my missing 5k? 


Stuff :

Log :


If someone managed to reach its simdps score, please tell me how smile.png



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I generally dislike world of logs, find warcraftlogs to be superior at the moment at is it much easier to read! The fact that this is in french is sort of annoying as well, but there's nothing to do about that.


Sims assume you are pre-potting, as far as I can tell from the logs you used no pots, this is a big loss in DPS in comparison to sims.

You did FoF 7 times, in a 3 min fight this is on point. Not much to say there except good job!

Energizing Brew was used 3 times, another thing you did well! 

RSK was used 21 times, it should be used on CD as much as possible. it has 8 sec CD and in a 03:15 min fight that leaves us with about 24 casts so good job there as well! 5 of these, however, were blocked by the boss. Meaning that you spent quite some time in front of the boss, causing a major DPS loss.


Chi Wave also has higher DPS than Blackout Kick, should be used on CD if there is nothing to do but Blackout Kick. The fact that this spell did less damage than ToD leaves to believe you used it less than you should.


Another thing to note is Tigereye Brew, you do not need to wait for 10 stacks to pop this, instead line it up with your procs! Looks like you stacked it with Serenity though which is well done. It wasn't first used until pretty late in the fight, which makes me worried about your opener. There is a really good thread here with an amazing opener, you should check it out!


All in all, work on your opener, more chi wave and use pots and you will be golden!


Reaching your sim DPS is next to impossible, since it is the DPS you'd do when performing 100% perfectly. It is hardly humanly possible. You want to be as close as possible though, anything above 90% is good.

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