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How important is crit vs Highmaul upgrades?

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Hey guys


A quick question for people gearing up in Highmaul!


It seems at the moment that everytime I get a gear upgrade from Highmaul, I loose crit lol!


Here is my armory profile:




How much of a concern is this in terms of DPS output?


I am simming my gear and it is coming out with a dps increase but my crit is at 13% now which is horrid!


Is there a trade off between lower ilvl gear and maintaining more crit?


I am wondering what other raiding warriors are finding. My DPS has been slowly climbing over the last few weeks but upgrading and loosing crit seems to worry me lol!


I do still find times where there are 2 to 3 global cooldowns where nothing procs.


Here is a link to my Warcraft logs world DPS rankings:




I am aiming to stay on the top 90th percentile but i feel this goal is perhaps being hampered by the lower crit as on some bosses I strugle to get into the top 70%.


Any thoughts guys?








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