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So after reading through some people moaning about the scaling in PG's & Finally realising that infact mobs scale up to your ilvl rather than your gear scaling down to 630 What is the general opinion on gear


Assuming that a stat priority of INT > Mastery > Haste > Other & that HM gear is so badly optimised that you will be better to drop your average ilvl to stack Int/Mastery


Also taking into account that for the same ilvl stat wise


Weapon >> [T1] Head = Chest = Legs >> [T2] Shoulders = Hands = Waist = Feet >> [T3] Neck = Back = Wrists = Rings


Is it worth using the likes of


To drop your ilvl so you can use higher ilvl gear on in more important slots [like weapon/head/chest/legs] where you get more stats


Or am I generally just overthinking everything


EDIT: If my maths is right


Weapon ~ 2.18 INT & 11.68 SP per ilvl

T1 2.11 INT per ilvl

T2 1.7 INT per ilvl

T3 1.12 Int per ilvl [although these are the only bits you can get spirit]

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