Wandering Isle: Guide to the Pandaren Starting Zone

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Spoiler disclaimer: this article contains many spoilers.

Wandering Isle is the Pandaren starting zone. It is located on the back of Shen-zin Su, a giant turtle that has been wandering for centuries in the oceans of Azeroth, unbeknownst to the Alliance and the Horde. Below, you will find the map of the area. Further in the guide, you will find the storyline, many screenshots, and a list of the quests.

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You will play a young Pandaren recruit whose training under the revered Master Shang Xi has just started. As your training progresses, you will be tasked with investigating the reasons behind Shen-zin Su's recent illness. In order to communicate with Shen-zin Su, you will needto gather the four Ancient Spirits. Each of them is located in a specific part of the island where you will need to complete a few quest in order to recruit the local spirit.

After being granted an audience with Shen-zin Su, you will learn that she has been wounded by a thorn, which, you will soon realize, is the Skyfire, an Alliance aircraft that crashed on the Island, in a place where the Pandaren do not usually venture. The aircraft was carrying Horde prisoners, so the Pandaren gets to meet both the Alliance and the Horde. After removing the aircraft from Shen-zin Su, you will have to decide which faction you want to join.


As we were progressing through the zone, we took a number of screenshots. You will find the best ones below.


The quest progression is very linear, taking you from zone to zone, with frequent stops at the Temple of Five Dawns, which represents the main connection between the various zones.

The Dawning Valley

This zone comprises the Shang Xi Training Grounds and the Wu-Song Village.

The Singing Pools

The Rows

This zone comprises, the Dai-Lo Farmstead, the Ki-Han Brewery, and the Rows themselves.

Morning Breeze and Fe-Fang Villages

The Wood of Staves

Pei-Wu Forest

This zone comprises the Pool of the Paw, the Skyfire Crash-Site and the Pei-Wu Forest itself.

Joining the Alliance

Joining the Horde

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