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I'm posting this on behalf of a guildmate who's having a few issues with dps on his WW monk. Any feedback at all would be great! His ilvl for this fight was 650. He's Monluko, the only dps monk. Logs:




His armory is here:




As I said, any tips, rotation, gear etc would be great. Thanks very much!

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Bonus armor on neck and ring is not doing him any favors! Neither are those trinkets. Also he is missing a socket on the chest. He has a painfully small amount of multistrike, getting more will make a big impact on his DPS.


He only used 1 pot on Kargath, major DPS decrease right there.

TP uptime could use some working on, 95%, he wants it to be as close to 100% as possible, above 97% is acceptable.


He also missed a LOT of RSKs, in this long a fight he could have done about 30. He did 20 and one of them missed, meaning he was infront of the boss for a period of time. Same on The Butcher: 15 Cast (1 missed) in that fight length he could've done at least 20.


Energizing Brew usage could be worked upon, 2 uses in a 4: 17 fight, could have easily done at least 3.


He did not use Touch of Death, our only Execute, nor Touch of Karma. He really, really should.

ToD can be combined with Fortifying Brew to maximize it's damage, as FB increases our max health.


All in all, he needs to work on TP uptime, doing RSK on CD and using Touch of Death!

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Hi Earithrandil,


Thanks very much for your feedback! I think the bonus armor is simply because he had 630s in those slots previously and the stats seemed worth it. I'll mention it to him though and maybe put it through simcraft to see if his 630s would be better.I'll give him the rest of this feedback, it looks very useful.


Thanks again.

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