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Hello there , Im a 664 frostmage and Id like to top the dpsmeters in my guildrun , would appreciate the help. Armory and logs below.


I run IN - TV - MI. Depends on the fight tho. Opener is prepot ,MI , FO , IV, WJ. Obviously FB as a filler and BF FFB when I have 1 stack of FoF or less. Still feel like im underperforming.






Thanks in advance. <3

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Hello, due to the way Frost works right now, I am not 100% sure how to read logs yet except the very basics.
Generally you want to check if the numbers of casts of your Finger sof Frost/ FRostfire bolts correspond with the number of buff gains you had. For in depth log analysis I need to figure out how to check that.

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Thanks for responding , I had allready checked that and I munched about 4 icelances over the fight and no ffb , so thats pretty decent imo but ill focus on that abit more. Once you know abit more about the logs for frostmages , just leave something here , ill check it out regularly.



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Do not WJ during FO as that leads to munching FoF procs. This includes on pull; in fact, when running PC using


In the butcher kill you casted 4 FO's and 2 PC's, and only one PC on Kargath. You should keep PC on cooldown while holding off FO for it. Again, do not use Water Jet in these situations. In fact, WJ on pull seems to be a tiny dps loss when using IN/PC (see altered time here


The biggest issue i'm spotting in most fights is your cooldown management. You aren't casting Crystal nor IV on cooldown, while they sync perfectly so you get Icy Veins once every two crystals; you are holding off both for a long time for some reason, to the point where you lose one IV use on some fights (Brackenspore for example) and losing TONS of PC's every time you pick it (one cast on Kargath, two on Butcher, and so on).

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Yes I was struggling with the fact if I should use it or not and did not give myself time to get used to the spell , Im using it almost every fight now. And I usually dont use WJ on pull , I use it the moment my PC and FO are gone atleast thats what I try to do. Today is mythic twins run , ill try and get some logs on that. And if you have the time , Id love it if you took a look at those.



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Looking at movement fights is always harder, so there's not much i could add. For twins specifically i recommend running TV/Frost Bomb though, the cleave damage is better than IN/PC imo.

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Keep in mind Frost Bomb is a bit more complicated to use and you might have been encountering playstyle issues!

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