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CB change in 5.1

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Has anyone else read this 5.1 change? http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/232856-chaos-bolt-nerf-in-51/

That is the link to where I read it. It seems a little weird to me, only nerfing it with GoSac, at the same time I am pissed because its so easy to prevent that cast its dumb, if you cant cc or interrupt a 3 sec cast after you dispell GoSac, you shouldnt be PVPing... imho

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Has anyone else read this 5.1 change? http://www.arenajunk...olt-nerf-in-51/

That is the link to where I read it. It seems a little weird to me, only nerfing it with GoSac, at the same time I am pissed because its so easy to prevent that cast its dumb, if you cant cc or interrupt a 3 sec cast after you dispell GoSac, you shouldnt be PVPing... imho

As a Warlock who loves Chaos Bolting people, not many people can elude a skilled Destruction Warlock's Chaos Bolt. No good Warlock is going to start casting a 3 second cast without their opponent being in some sort of CC, particularly a full Fear. What I've found to be an interesting way to get people to blow their trinkets is to Shadow Fury them, then start to cast Chaos Bolt. In panic, they will trinket out and try to interrupt you. All you do is stop the cast and Fear them. They will now suffer a 20 second Fear which allows you time to /poke before casting your wonderfully powered up Chaos Bolt.

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My point was that there is sufficient ability to not let us cast it/hit as hard (dispell GoSac) that if you have a brain you can negate some damage. Player skill is not how blizz balances classes and damage. I think most of us know how to get of multi CB's but the point is that they are taking our burst and putting a quarter of it in sustained DPS.

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    • By Desos
      In General/Disclaimer
      Because I saw Zagam´s post in the other thread, I just want to say something before someone points it out:
      These calculations are just a lenghty and maybe detailed version of knowledge already present in guides. I just wanted to know, if there is some reachable treshold for Haste.
      Thumb of rule is still: sub 20%-> Shadowburn.
      Gains by usage of CB sub 20% are easily outperformed by improvements in other areas of gameplay.
      As requested from Liquidsteel, I want to show some calculations I made to find out, if there is a point, where Chaos Bolt can outperform Shadowburn. Someone who does not find numbercrunching fun, can skip to the result at the bottom.
      Basic Explanation:
      I wanted to find out at which circumstances Chaos Bolt´s damage could be higher than Shadowburn´s damage, that means for a fix point in time with given values for Spell Power, Mastery, Crit and Haste. 
      Therefore we need the formulas used for calculating their damage and compare them. At one point, I used a little trick, which could lead  to some difference of maximum 0.0002%, which is very negligible. 
      Used Formulas found on wowhead:
      CB = (2488(+258.75% SP))*1.24*2*M*C
      SB = (3365(+350% SP))*1,24*M*C
      CB = Chaos bolt
      SB = Shadowburn
      SP = Spellpower
      M = Mastery 
      C = Crit
      H = Haste
      Some notes regarding the formulas:
      Both formulas really differ only in base daage, SP coefficient and the guaranteed crit chance, which is represented by the extra "*2" in the formula of CB. Some could say that it belongs into C but it ends in the same result. Plus, this form makes it easier to equalise both formulas t answer the given question:
      (2488(+258.75% SP))*1.24*2*M*C ? (3365(+350% SP))*1,24*M*C
      Now with all these parameters, we could draw some crazy geometric forms to decide, but as I said, we want to compare the damage under the same given values, therefore we can eliminate M, C and "1.24":
      (2488(+258.75% SP))*2 ? (3365(+350% SP))
      Now we have the problem with the base damage. We cannot really say, how much influence both base damage values have. Of course their influence weakens for higher Spell Power but to be able to further compare Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn, we would have to normalize their contribution. That would take up some further space or we could use some trick first to find out how much they actually contribute. this is easily down by solving both terms with real world numbers for Spell Power. I took tresholds at 50k, 70k, 80k and 100 k Spell Power, or so to speak: No Procs, KTT/PBI, BBoY and PBI+BBoY.
      As example I take 50k:
      Base Damage CB = 2488 + 2.5875*50000 = 131863
      Now the contribution in percentage would be :
      2488/131863 = 1.8868 %
      The same for Shadowburn gives:
      3365+3.5*50000 = 178365
      3365/ 178365 = 1.8866%
      The difference between both values of contribution is as I said very negligible since we want damage numbers for a MMO and not numbers for building bridges.
      This assumption leads us to this:
      258.75% SP*2 ? 350% SP  or
      517.5 % SP ? 350% SP
      From a DPE perspective, Chaos Bolt would win now with some serious difference. But for a real comparison, we have to measure the influence of Haste/cast time. We now "normalize" both spells with their cast time. To get rid of the ugly percentage symbol and to just handle with one parameter, we eliminate them together with the SP parameter, which should be the same for both:
      517,5/(3/1+H) = 350/1
      Now it is easy to figure out the Haste Value for which Chaos Bolt hits for the same:
      (1+H)*172,5 = 350
      1+H = 350/172,5
      H = 350/172,5 -1
      H ~ 1.029 or 102.9% Haste
      Yeah, we found it. But for a almost useful calculation, we have to measure, if there is a common situation, where we can cast Chaos Bolt under these circumstances without having to sacrifice other stats to reach this. Let´s look at common haste buffs, that help with reaching this:
      5% buff provided by different classes/specs like shadows, boomkins, eles and hunter pets
      20% by troll racial
      30% buff by Heroism/Bloodlust or LMG
      *I don´t count Lifeblood because for Destro there are more useful professions.
      All combined would give more haste than you need but the chance is really small for it to happen sub 20%
      1.05*1.2*1.3*1.3=2.1294 or 112.94 %
      If we take one 30% buff away we would need: 10145 haste rating
      If we take the troll racial away, we would need: 6096 haste rating
      If we take one 30% buff and the troll racial away, we would need : 20673 haste rating.
      The last one is of course not favorible anymore.
      I made up my mind, when this could be useful. No one would want to build up another WA for some arbitrary combination of freaking 3 haste procs/buffs. So the fight/part of the fight has to have the condition:
      BL towards or at sub 20%
      Most groups use Bloodlust towards the last third of the fight. Of course there are adds, for which a Havoc´ed SB is favorable. But there are times where no add is present.
      Actually a stricter case than Norushen with reflections, adds and those prisms, where Havoc and Shadowburn are more attractive.
      Good Example, if you don´t have to run.
      Assuming 3 tank /separated groups tactic.
      If your group wants to power/BL through Def stance and ignore adds. Also if you don´t want to paddle the meters by Havoc´ed SB´s.
      Most groups use BL to fasten the transition between P2-P3 or P3-P4.
      Feel free to criticize / ask questions / point out errors.
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