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My Holy Priest Thread

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Hey everyone, I've been lurking here since returning to WoW last August and have taken in a lot of great information. This time, I'm wanting to see and have people evaluate my performance and to see if there are spots where I can really improve on.


I've been able to keep up in HPS with almost everyone I run with, Disc heals, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, MW Monk and when I'm with another Holy Priest it's no competition, but after looking at Mr Robot's rating of me during Butcher that I'm at a 65 percentile in people at my same item level I want to improve. As... if I did 40k hps as holy and I'm only at the 65% in my bracket... there must be room to improve. While going specifically to holy priest I'm in 83% and 79% in holy priest at my ilvl... I want to find ways to improve.


I normally stream and record attempts but didn't do it last night as half of the normal raid team was offline, I didn't feel the desire for it.


I do know that I need to better manage Fade as a small defensive cooldown when taking the hit, and I didn't chakra around to adapt to what is the best stance, but I ended up not doing it.


All in all the raid went smoothly except for when everyone went poo-brained and stacked too many people on the wrong side of butcher too long, or had a ranged dps space out on tectus chasing us with the fire..


But, enough of that let me post the logs.





With most of everyone back for tomorrow, will be working on Heroic Ko'Ragh and finally killing Normal Imperator. (Just so I can bonus roll more gold, naturally)

Thanks in advance smile.png


Additionally, if people would like I can share tips on what seems to work for me, addons, macros, etc.


And that cloak is Multistrike... not crit. I don't know why the tooltip says otherwise.


And one last thing, the PVP set bonus is rather interesting. Each time that PoM heals a target, they + me get 130 versatility for 10? seconds, stacking up to 5. Which puts me at 8% versatility raid buffed often. Since WoM + PoM on CD keep it active and stacking.

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The amount of renews cast on Butcher seemed quite low, I checked my last heroic Butcher kill and I had 97 casts over 3 minutes compared to your 67 over 5 minutes. I also see you have 40 flash heals cast. Which is an high number unless your on tanks, so I checked your composition and I saw you had a disc priest and a resto shaman. I then checked your discipline priests log and was baffled.


I don't know how to say this but in order for you to shine your Discipline priest has to step up his game.


First of all there is not a single cast of PoH from him and this makes all the more sense when you see there isn't a single activation of EAA(This is very bad) during the whole fight. It also makes all the more sense that you have 40 flash heals, when the Discipline priest doesn't have Clarity of Will. He also sits at mere 6 Penance casts and 4-5 cascades.


Holy priest is strongest when you actually get to utilize our toolbox. But having to use 40 flash heals because the Discipline Priest was lazy is not so cool.

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Thanks for replying Bobby, I didn't think to look at the other healers. (Admittedly I don't know how shamans work exactly, and monks for that matter...) 


I can definitely talk to the Disc. priest that ran with us about improving him, as there isn't but two casts of Evangelism-building attacks in the very beginning. I know he knows better regarding that as its really that big of a buff. 100% crit for guaranteed 5 man shield to help with a bit of cleave. 


It's a bit head-scratching to think that in order for me to improve we have to improve the other healers. That seems odd but it makes sense. 


I was aiming to do what I could to be as mana-efficient as possible as that fight is usually a bit rough and at the end of that H Butcher kill I think that the only way that we got the kill  was because of Spirit of Acsention (which is a shame that in order for me to use it things have to go very, very badly. - but so many free heals and I can stand in ANY BAD I WANT!!!!) 


I was considering getting Solace over Mindbender for mana regeneration as it should provide me with more mana, heals, and some more damage on the boss which would make heals less needed therefore requiring less mana... Plus some form of attonement heals never hurts, right? The only concern would be eating a GCD that I could Circle, Renew, or Serenity instead.


Though I think I might have already spotted things I did wrong, but will be able to go and test it out, and will get results following. One of the things I've done is to plan trinkets, power infusion, berserk around using Divine Hymn, so I can get it out of the way faster so that I can hit with cascade, PoH, Flash Heal, Renew etc... as quickly as possible to benefit of the 10% extra heals, as well as the +25%crit on a target with serenity. Would this be considered a good practice or should I use the haste CDs on other abilities more often? (Naturally if theres a lot of damage and I need the haste I use them - but I try to save it for a planned divine hymn)

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