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Blackrock Foundry + Mage gearing/spec

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By the looks of it, theres a large lack of Multistrike gear in BRF

Which spec will likely be the most viable throughout Blackrock Foundry? Will it still be Frost?

Im hoping Frost will still be viable but would like to prepare for BRF with the best spec possible

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This is actually one of the things I noticed a few days ago, I was looking at the BRF weapon drops and found that nothing is as good as the Imperator Margok weapon drop for frost mages. I realised afterwards that MOST of the other pieces of loot were Mastery and Haste/Multi which is BiS for arcane mages..


Obviously that does not include the tier items as I don't know what stats they provide yet.


So will arcane mage be better off with BRF gear? I would think so...

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