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Need Help Please

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Hello kind of new to the forums and i was just looking to get a little help

my guild has recently finished Heroic High Maul and were moving on to Mythic now

Last night we did H Imp and I was pulling about 19k dps and then 23k dps on M Kargath

my friend keeps telling me thats decent dps for 650 ilvl but i feel like im on the low side

of what i could be at


so my question is basically whats typical dps for a Boomy on H Imp and M kargath


also my logs from Thursday, Jan, 8th




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I can't really comment on your rotation (since I haven't played Boomkin since FL), but WCL has some awesome features for sorting logs.


For Mythic Kargath:

Sorted by ilvl

Kargath isn't the best fight to look at though because guilds can blow through the fight without stacking the crowd buff.


For Heroic Imperator:

Sorted by ilvl

A 650 ilvl will put you around 30k dps.

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Hello hawker :)


A quick glance at your logs:


Moonfire uptime - 91.91%

Sunfire uptime - 87.73%

You want these as close to 100 as possible. However do not start to spam it just to get uptime. As i can see You're running with euphoria, so just refresh Sunfire every solar peak, and moonfire every two lunar peaks. 


Plus you've used Starfall 6 times, that equals one minute. Personally I've found Starfall really awesome at transmission phases or at phase 4, to cleave adds faster. So you should be using Starfall instead of empowering your wrath. Currently Starfall is just too good. 


As for Your opener - You could work on improving it. As I can see You casted starsurge and then immediately celestial alignment thus losing 1sec of Your CA. You want to use CA as soon as GCD triggered by starsurge ends, but not too soon. Plus Moonfire right after that. Also You rushed refreshing dots at the end of CA:


00:00:01.150 Hawkerdruid casts Celestial Alignment 

00:00:13.866 Hawkerdruid casts Moonfire on Imperator Mar'gok
00:00:15.227 Hawkerdruid begins casting Starsurge 
Moonfire and Starsurge casts could have been swapped and You would still have made it in time, basically - as Kaz has said in another thread - refreshing dots should be Your last GCD of CA. 
One more thing - You used Your int potion once. You should precast it before pull, and then use one on second transition phase.
Other than that You should make sure You're casting right spell for current eclipse. Have in mind that the end, not the start of the cast matters. So if You're not sure if You will fit in another wrath - cast Starfire. 
And I guess the last one - gear. As I've seen You have A LOT of crit. You should switch some into haste or mastery. 
I hope someone will correct me if I've made any mistakes, but that's some simple stuff once you get it :)

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