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Asking for help with my frost dk!

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For first of all I want to thank for checking my post :). 

Second here's my logs, armory and question is what should I improve with?


Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/dragonblight/Lithrael/simple


Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/RBmk3Jp4LgAqZDGF#type=summary&fight=2


I did Tectus and Imperator as unholy but rest as Frost 2h dk and it feels to me like I cant pull the numbers others do even I have equal gear.


Thanks, Lithrael.

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For Butcher:

The Good

-KM proc useage looks good. you're at 61% crit on Obliterate and 22% on frost strike

-Defile usage is good for the short length of the fight

- Soul reaper: I'm putting this under good because I can tell by the timeline that you started using it in execute range, and were using it pretty much on cooldown, but the short fight length is also hurting you here. in a very short fight where you can only get off 5 soul reapers you'll do a lot less dps than a longer fight where you can do 10-15 soul reapers.


Things to improve on

- Your weapon is going to hurt your dps a lot. Weapon dps is like 8x more important than any other stat for 2H frost.

- You probably could have squeezed in a few more plague leeches

- Blood plague uptime is only 79%, which probably only hurt you by about 400dps, but every little bit counts

- getting super nitpicky here, but you cast howling blast 16 times and only 15 of them were free procs.




- Obliterate crits were now 56% vs 34% on frost strike. Still not bad, but you did better with KM procs on Butcher.

- Defile useage is still good. there was one spot where it looks like you didn't defile for a minute, but you had two other defiles that barely did any damage, so the boss must have gotten moved out of them right after you dropped them. That isn't always your fault, but maybe a little bit better planning would help.

- Blood plague is only 70% uptime which is another 200dps loss from the 400dps you were already losing on Butcher from low uptime.

- Super nitpicky again, but you howling blasted 22 times in this fight but only had 20 free procs. howling blast is almost always a dps loss.

- 4 plague leeches on this fight could be a lot better, could have had at least 8 on this fight.

- Soul reaper: you had one random soul reaper on brackenspore half way through the fight. at the very end you probably could have squeezed out 2-3 more if you were flawless on using it on cooldown, but for the most part your soul reaper usage is still pretty good.



- Try glyphing outbreak. If you're using plague leech on cooldown, and still keeping high disease uptime then glyphing outbreak is a slight loss. but if you aren't always using plague leech on cooldown (sometimes you don't), and if your blood plague uptime is low (yours isn't terrible but it could use some work) then glyphing outbreak can be an easy solution to gain some dps.

- If you aren't using it already I'd recommend trying at least my 2H frost CD's weak aura https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/8360-storms-2h-frost-rotation-helpers-weak-auras/. I definitely think you can squeeze out 2-3k more dps just by getting a few more casts out of defile and soul reaper.

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Thanks for reply I will definetly take look on those. Howling Blast I have use to waste lonely rune out. With defile usage I have those moments where im not always confident that bracken is going to stay still for long but that comes with some practise. Havent been playing frost for more than 2 weeks but have felt some issues which you pointed out there. Thanks for your reply :)

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