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According to MMO Champ, Bliz is planning to buff spriests in 6.1

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I can't speak for healers, but in my experience, I'm typically doing pretty well on the meters.  I hardly need the buffs lol, but I'll enjoy them regardless.


Some highlights:


PoM: 10 charges


Insanity will now buff Mind Sear as well as Mind Flay


Holy Nova is even more shit than it was before: healing was halved (its negligable damage was thankfully untouched.)


Divine Star, Penance, Mind Sear,  Mind Blast, Mind Spike, Mind Flay, a little stronger.  SW:Death a _LOT_ stronger.  Spriest base mastery goes from 20% ==> 25%


A lot of good news for spriests.  I'm sure the penance buff will be welcomed by disc priests.  So far though, it's looking like the only change for holy priests is a phrasing change to Circle of Health.


I do note with interest that this makes the Clarity of Power buff even more attractive than it was before.  I'm surprised bliz didn't buff the dots instead of the Mind spells.


Check it out: http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/    Currently it's part of the top news item (you'll still have to scroll way down)

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