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Destro Stat Prio ?Different for non HC gear

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Hey all,

Long time user of Icy Veins, first time posting, many thanks to all who work hard on the stats and guides!

Im a stubborn destro lock and proud, and firstly I know afflic is kicking ass this patch but for those of us that have been destro locks for many many years it can be hard to let go!

So i've been looking at simcraft and what current websites and guides are recommending for stat prio's.

Im pretty new to simcraft but here goes....

For end game tier 14H stuff then yes I totally agree with your stat prio's on the site

  • Intellect;
  • Hit Rating (until 15%);
  • Mastery Rating;
  • Critical Strike Rating;
  • Haste Rating.
But for those of us not in raid teams doing HC modes I ran some simcrafts to check current BiS non HC gear and stat prios.

So using this ilvl 496 gear Weapon and Back are 503 (ie Normal 10 man mode Raids)

















Talents: 133331

Glyphs - burning embers, soulstone, harvest life

Using Mr Robot for the reforging/gemming etc....

Int>Hit (15%)>Crit>Mastery>Haste - 94788 DPS

Int>Hit (15%)>Mastery>Crit>Haste - 94505 DPS

Int>Hit (15%)>Mastery>Haste>Crit - 94388 DPS

Int>Hit (15%)>Crit>Mastery=Haste - 94381 DPS

Int>Hit (15%)>Crit>Haste>Mastery - 93990 DPS

Int>Hit (15%)>Crit=Haste>Mastery - 93591 DPS

I know this might seem a tiny increase but using this build also seems to give burning embers faster from the increased Crit rate thus increasing the number of Chaos Bolt's whose damage is also increased by crit rating. I was surprised that Crit and haste arent top TBH for even faster burning ember regen.

Like I said I know afflic locks are the top in this patch but destro is a lot of fun to play again and maybe someone could have a look into the possibility of

  • Intellect;
  • Hit Rating (until 15%);
  • Crit;
  • Mastery;
  • Haste.
Posted Image

Being the possible best reforge for stubborn 10 man normal geared Destro Locks who dont want to change to afflcition lol!


Disclaimer - I am not a pro at simcrafting by any stretch of the imagination so welcome constructive comments

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