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Rotation for keeping dots on 2 targets

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Hello everyone.

So I have a question for you experienced affliction warlocks..

In a fight like, lets say, stone guardians.. I am supposed to keep dots on both adds, that is clear to me. but what's the best strategy to do that? let me enumerate...

1 - > 20% ... spending shards on sb:ss or dotting them manually then haunt and MG on one of them, switch again etc...

2 - < 20% same answer as before? (with DS, more shards)

3 - Do you guys use and recommend any addon to keep track of dots on all targets? weakauras or powerauras are very good but just for your target

thanks in advance

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If you don't mind changing your focus target all the time an add is changed, you can use Power Auras or WeakAuras to keep track of your dots. I also use Shift modified keybinds for all my dots for my focus target dotting pleasure. In generall using Soul Shards to keep up your dots on two targets will eat through your shards very fast, you should be using them for haunt most of all. Don't haunt two targets, it's a waste of a shard, use Haunt on the target you're using MG on.

Another thing to keep in mind for this encounter is the power of glyphed Soul Swap. I usually no longer use soul swap without first using SB but in this fight using soul swap the normal is quite good. your SS will come off cooldown until the next boss change so it's all good.

Below 20%, you can perhaps use SB to apply dots because you will be swimming in shards then.

Edit: For Dot Tracking, I only use powa, for my target and my focus. I have tried using Enemy Plates for keeping track of them but the addon was very broken then. Haven't played around with it again afterwards. I dislike fortexorcist very much personally, because of hard set up and overly complicated settings for an easy task.

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