Disc Priest optimization.

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Hello all,

Could someone analyze my healing logs and tell me what am I doing wrong?

When I compare my logs to other discipline priests (same encounter) their healing is significantly bigger, usually around 40k, though ilvl is more-less same.






I am trying to keep my AA up as much as possible (though I know sometimes it could be better) and primary healing with PW:Shield or Penance.


I am using Cascade, maybe Halo would be more effective?



I will be happy for all the suggestions and criticism.

Thank you!

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Spam PW:S it should be 70%+ of your healing yours is 35% you could realistically get 2 or 3x as many casts in [if it wont make you oom]


granted he's higher ilvl etc but just look at the amount of casts 1 every 1.95s and from a general look through some of the wipes your roughly 1 every 7s

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