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Highmaul Specs

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So I've gone through all the specs through all their iterations since vanilla, but was really once BC came out that I've just stuck with and loved arcane.

Come WoD it seems that the specs are pretty balanced right now, which is great! However, I see all these frost mages when I raid, and I can't help but wonder if I'm doing something wrong. My DPS feels solid, either right with or above the other frost mages, but I still feel it bears asking if i'm missing something?


Rotation is basically as the guide suggests, but adapts as fights change.

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Arcane is perfectly fine on basically every fight except Tectus, and even then if you are silly it's probably playable (or you can offspec Fire for it, mastery gear is just fine in that situation).


Frost is just a really solid spec that's viable in every raiding situation, and at release it was considerably better than the other two so lots of mages just picked that up and stayed with it. It's also very easy to itemize for it in Highmaul, since lots of items there have multistrike.


edit: the one thing you're doing wrong is picking Evanescence, which is extremely unreliable, over Ice Floes, which helps a lot with Arcane's lack of mobility.

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