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UH DK help

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So I'm pretty new to UH DK (been playing Blood since I started) but I'm wondering a few things.


If I cast 2 Festering Strikes, 2 Scourge strikes and become capped on runic power how should I proceed? 


Should I spend 2 of my 4 runes on a festering strike, should I use a Festering strike (either way putting runes on CD but wasting runic power) or should I spend some runic power and leave my runes on 1 extra GCD.


If I should spend my runes first, would this be affected by being able to gain shadow infusion charges?

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You will always want to dump runic power before using an ability that would otherwise cap it. So, you want to use death coil before scourge strike if you are over 90 RP or death coil before festering strike if you are over 80 RP. Only death coil would affect shadow infusion charges.

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