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Quick brackenspore question

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How does the slowly increasing damage taken mechanic work on the living mushrooms? Does the damage they take start increasing as soon as the spawn in the room or not until they are healed to full. I realize they always take damage but should we heal them to full as soon as they exist or wait until right when brackenspore does his infesting spores?

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I didn't check whether is true, because you can easily keep mushrooms alive for at least 40 sec while Infested Spores AoE is only 10 sec long. So we heal Green ones to full about 10 sec before the AoE starts. It takes 2-4 sec only with all the healers casting to trigger the Mushroom.

The only thing that I keep in mind on HC is to keep Blue Mushroom alive but not triggered until the end of the AoE. One healer is enough for it.


I use this to check the order of appearance (maybe the timings are not exact, but the order is):

00:13.226   Mind fungus   (1)
00:18.ххх   Green mushroom (1)
00:34.ххх   Fungal Flesh-Eater (1)
00:48.148    Infested spores  (1)
01:13.982    Mind fungus (2)
01:15.ххх   Green mushroom (2)
01:20.ххх    Blue mushroom (1)
01:43.617    Infested spores (2)
02:09.839    Mind fungus (3)
02:12.ххх   Green mushroom (3)
02:33.ххх    Fungal Flesh-Eater  (2)
02:41.544    Infested spores (3)
03:04.547    Mind fungus (4)
03:09.ххх    Green mushroom (4)
03:38.615    Infested spores (4)
03:49.ххх    Blue mushroom (2)
04:05.ххх    Mind fungus (5)
04:08.ххх   Green mushroom (5)
04:40.525    Infested spores (5)

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