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CM with Beast Mastery

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Hey guys.


My guild is starting to do challenge modes and I would like to try out BM as it looks like its ahead of SV and MM in terms of AoE and thus CM time.


What talents and general playstyle would you recommend? Do you have any advice? I've never been in a challenge mode so I don't have any idea and I'm pretty anxious.



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I am planning on doing the same thing. I'm just doing to try to follow tghjjhe icy veins priority list, ta lenting steady focus and barrage. One thing that BM can offer that other classes and specializations cannot is having your pet off tank due to your level 100 talent giving it all the abilities available. Only do this if your tank is comfortable with it though. Another thing that can help us that it is helpful to have a few macros to help control your pet so you can make sure he attacks what you need him to.

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