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Subterfuge Opening

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Hi rogues,


I found out today that glyph of vanish+subterfuge is bugged and a 2% dps increase over shadow focus according to the IV guide. I figured I'd hop on and try it out, but I was met with a problem. How do you open when you take subterfuge? Premed-SnD-ambush-hemo-BS till 5cp-SR-rupture-SD when I have regenned some energy leaves me delaying SD a significant amount especially since the fix to HaT not proccing from pre combat heals. It often also leads to me having to refresh SnD during my first dance given that it's a 2 point SnD and I dont want to enter dance instantly after rupture since ill be low on energy. Obviously BL helps with energy regen if we lust on pull. 


The upshot is, if I take subterfuge, not only will my first ambush be more costly and delay dance more, I will also have the option of casting a second ambush. If I do this, find weakness has actually sometimes fallen off (on the dummy, so way fewer HaT procs granted) by the time I enter dance, meaning I don't get fw for my first dance ambush. 


Please let me know if I'm missing something, or if I'm not how you guys would play with subterfuge! As it is I'm thinking of skipping it despite the dps increase which is a real shame.


While I'm on here, I have one more question. Marked for death sims as being roughly 500 dps more than anticipation for me. Looking at top sub rogues from warcraft logs there appears to be a pretty even split between marked for death and anticipation. Does the difficulty of not combo point capping yourself make marked for death effectively equal to anticipation in practice? Or am I a scrub? biggrin.png


Thanks a lot in advance for any thoughts you have on these things!

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MfD is a decent choice when there's an add on a fight which will get focused down relatively quickly. The main one that jumps to mind for me is Brackenspore, although there's some good use for it on Koragh and Imperator as well.


However, I don't like playing with MfD as it makes Dance with Premed + Ambush + HaT proc cap you right away. While it's not terribly difficult to play around this, it's just something I'm not used to and makes me feel clumsy and I don't like wasting even 1 cp if I time it poorly.


As for Subterfuge and the Glyph, I don't know. I've actually been playing Combat for the last while cause I got 2 weapons from Mythic Twins. You might be able to open Hemo > Premed + Ambush > SnD > Ambush > Ambush > wait for energy regen & HaT procs > SR > Rupture > Dance.

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