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Afflic/Destro Highmaul Boss Questions

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Hey everyone,


I'm new here. I have been very disappointed in my damage recently, so I have read a number of guides to try to figure out how to do better. A big problem that I find is that there are a lot of differing opinions on what is best, so it is hard for me to decide what I should try to stick with. Recently I decided that I would try to swap specs for some fights (I used to do all in destro) and I wanted some suggestions from you guys. I know that there are a lot of guides and write-up online that I have read, but I prefer simple, direct answers, so I hope you guys don't mind me asking. I'll do my questions based on the bosses.


(Here is my armory if you guys care for it: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/aegwynn/Andery/simple


I don't have any logs, but I can get them next week after my guild raids if need be.)


Anyway, I'll start. We only do up to heroic for now:



I don't really have any questions here. Destruction is best from what I have read, right?



I have read that affliction is best. Is that true? I also see a lack of consensus on SB:H versus demonic servitude. If I use SB:H, when is the best time to summon my terrorguard. Before pull or some time during fight?



I am sticking with destruction here. My only question has to do with the spore shooters. Should I be cleaving my spells between them or onto the boss? Killing them are my #1 priority, right?



I'll mostly skip this one. The fight is too hectic to really preplan much. Is Infernal or Terrorguard better overall?



I want to try affliction for this one. Like with Butcher, is SB:H or Demonic Servitude better? Should I use KJC or AD? Also, should I be trying to haunt both targets or just stick with one?



Which spec is better? I think that destro would be for the add AoE, but what would you guys suggest? Also, what is the best way to deal with the absorbs? I often time find myself missing a lot of the ball drops because they all fall at once. Is it better to stick with one side of the room, or should I try to be on both sides? Like with Twins, is KJC or AD better?



I don't think there is much you guys can do to help without logs. Is it worth it to use my cleave for chaos bolt or multiple shadowburns on the aberrations. I have trouble getting two rounds of havoc in on the non-phase 3 adds, so I want to get the most out of my spells since I reallistically will only get one havoc off.


Anyway. Thank you guys for you help! I have been reading the forums a lot, and I already have a lot of new ideas. Sorry if I am not supposed to inundate you with so many questions.

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I don't have any logs, but I can get them next week after my guild raids if need be.)

Come back with logs - no help until you provide those because those are the ONLY way to diagnose issues. 

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There is also a thread in this Warlock section pertaining to what spec is optimal for each boss.  Read that thread.

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 I just like knowing explicitly what I am supposed to do before I try it.

This is often difficult because there is always more than one way to do it.


Better to understand your toolkit and how it is effective in different situations, than just being told what tool to use for each individual job and never really understanding why.

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I'm not a very experienced lock but here are my own findings on the heroic level for a couple of bosses. I am assuming that you are playing Aff/Destro only. 



Kargarth: If you are staying down I think that Affliction is better for the single target (ST) damage and coping with the moving between fires. If you are going up then Destro/Demo. 


Butcher: Again I believe that for ST damage Affliction wins out.


Brackenspore: Last night the spores lived long enough to Immolate them all and then cleave from one to another (remember to pre-havoc on the boss if you can). As ranged yes I would say that these are your highest priority. Forget maximising overall dps and just get them down ASAP and probably be soaking them as well. 


Twins: I personally use KJC and SB: H. Definitely from 2 targets and up SB: Haunt>DS (and sometimes before as well). Last night I only had an uptime of SB: Haunt of 68% (some of this was my failings though) so I believe you don't have enough shards to regular Haunt 2 mobs as well however it all depends on Nighfall procs and ideally saving them for DS. 


Ko'ragh: I think it depends on what your guild needs. I am one of the first soakers so I like a mobile spec and we have lots of people trying to AoE hence I tend to run Affliction or Demo (mostly depending on what spec I have at the time) with KJC. Yes, if you are a designated adds killer I would suggest that Destro is better. As to ball drops I believe that there are a certain amount each time (increasing as the fight progresses) and the orbs fall at the same time hence you cannot jump from one to another.


Perhaps if your guild is lacking magic damage you are not getting shields quick enough. I have only done on this on normal with my guild so far (pugged it on hc) and pretty much there every orb drop one at least one not soaked as we don't have enough shields. More shields you have though the more "real" boss damage you lose so I think that it's a balancing act. As to one side of the room? Well really depends on where that next orb is going! I guess yes pick the closest swirly. If you look at the ceiling you can see the orbs falling before the swirlies appear to get a rough idea of where you will need to be.


Imp: I am still working on normal for this so my opinion isn't very informed yet. Firstly are you pre-casting Havoc on the boss? Then you will get your second one quicker. Personally, I think yes I could wait and "cheese" it for more overall dps but that is not really that effective and I prefer to get the add down asap to give the healers a breather.  I can normally get off say 1-2 SBs later as well (my guild is slow then I think) though depends on how many execute loving classes we have. 

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