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Help with Balance AOE damage

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I've read through the forums and and am still a bit confused on how to maximize my aoe damage. This is what I gather from the posts I've read:

1.) When in lunar eclipse, starfall when on cooldown, dot everything with moonfire, once dotted, Astral Storm.

Do I channel AS until it reaches the end then reapply moonfire? Do i stop AS and apply moonfire when it is about to drop? Should I AS if I can't get through all the mobs with moonfire dots before it starts to drop off the 1st mob?

2.) When in Solar elicpse, starfall on cooldown, dot everything with sunfire and then hurricane after everything is dotted.

(same questions as for when in eclipse state). Do we use mushrooms any more or only when you can pre-cast them before the fight starts?

At what point do you stop dotting mobs and just Astral Storm or Hurricane?

When i'm inbetween states and a fight starts, do I spam wrath/Starfire/starsurge to get to an ecplipse state? (I know I should probablly celestial alignment before the fight but I don't always get a chance)

I'm just really frustrated with my damage output, some of it may be gear, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


yes i know i need to gem/enchant/reforge. I will make the changes Mr Robot suggests when I get home this evening

Love the forum and thanks again for any help/advice you can offer.

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