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Fire Mage Proper Meteor Usage vs Prismatic Crystal

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Hi there,


I roll fire mage and am looking to optimize my dps. Reading the guide here though I run into an issue and that is until the t17 4 piece set it says meteor is the superior talent for fire mages because of the interaction with ignite and combustion.


I am wondering what the proper usage of this is? I typically fish for heating up with frostfire bolt, once i get it i cast frostfire again and right when it launches I inferno blast to get both a heaing up and pyroblast! proc. Then launch my pyroblasts and combust. Trying to use meteor it doesn't seem to fit well. If I cast with my procs up I seem to lose them and if I start with meteor my ignite doesn't get higher.


I have more luck with prismatic crystal. I'll drop it, Build ignite, combust, and spread with inferno blast, if i can i try to get a blast wave off too. Doing it this way prismatic crystal is like 40%+ of my damage and I do a few K higher than meteor which will be like 8th on my contributing dps list. 


Please advise, thanks :D

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