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Disc cooldowns in Highmaul

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Back when I was learning Siege of Orgrimmar, I stumbled on a thread that laid out when to use Spirit Shell in every encounter. It was really helpful!


Spirit Shell is no longer in fashion, but Power Word: Barrier and Pain Suppression are, and you could make the argument that Power Infusion + Power Word: Shield spam is effectively a codlin, as well.


So in the spirit of that old thread, I thought I'd collect some group wisdom on when to use these three cooldowns in Highmaul - after all, learning the fights is just as important as learning the class.


Here's where I'm at:


Pain Suppression:

  • Kargath: Whenever the tank gets low?
  • Butcher: During Frenzy, just for good measure?
  • Twin Ogron: On Phemos' tank during Whirlwind.
  • Brackenspore: During Necrotic Breath, as part of a cooldown rotation with other healers.
  • Tectus: Toward end of fight, when one of the tanks is tanking multiple Shards.
  • Kor'agh: When tank is holding Volatile Anomalies in the Suppression Zone, toward the end of the fight.
  • Imperator: During transition while Tank is holding several Volatile Anomalies 


Power Word: Barrier:

  • Kargath: ?
  • Butcher: Once on a clear group in the beginning of the fight, once during Frenzy.
  • Twin Ogron: On stack for Enfeebling Roar.
  • Brackenspore: During Infesting Spores, assuming you're stacked on a mushroom.
  • Tectus: During Tectonic Upheavel, although placement can be tricky.
  • Kor'agh: When tank is holding Volatile Anomalies in the Suppression Zone, toward the beginning of the fight.
  • Imperator: during the end of the transition phases when the Anomalies are bursting.


PI + PWS: 

  • Kargath: During Iron Bombs
  • Butcher: On cleave group right before Bounding Cleave
  • Twin Ogron: Enfeebling Roar when PW:B is on cooldown, or during Quake if you're taking a lot of fire damage.
  • Brackenspore: 
  • Tectus: During Upheaval
  • Kor'agh: During Expel Magic: Fire
  • Imperator: During transition phases to avoid damage from dying Volatile Anomalies?
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To me, Pain Suppression is either for emergency's or assigned by my tank.


For PW: B, I agree with what you said, for Imperator: Use it during the end of transition phases when the adds get bursted.


I use PI mostly on CD, sometimes keeping it for the next upcoming boss ability (dont wait too long!).

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I updated the original post to include your Imperator barrier use - thanks!


And I'm conflicted about Power Infusion - I've tried just using it on cooldown and I've tried timing it with boss abilities, but I haven't done either often enough to know if one is really optimized over the other.


Any other feedback from anyone?

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In my experiences Pain Suppression is called for by tanks.  In a PuG environment this is where I'd guess they would be most useful:


Kargath: Slow reacting Fixate target/Lifegrip

Butcher:  Last 30% for a tank during soft enrage

Brackenspore: Necrotic Breath

Tectus: Multiple shard Tank towards end of encounter based on how many shards your group brings up at once.

Twins: Whirlwind Tank

Ko'ragh: Anomalies Tank

Imperator Mar'gok: Anomalies Tank


Same can be said w/ Barrier, I normally have it for the Healing Leaders call but in a PuG environment:


Kargath:  Last 20% stacking if you are ignoring the stands

Butcher: For Cleave groups

Brackenspore: During Infesting Spores

Tectus: Tectonic Upheaval

Twins: Enfeebling Roar

Ko'ragh: Anomalies Tank

Imperator Mar'gok: Destabilize Stackpoint


For Power Infusion > PWS Coverage I normally use on CD.  Abilities that I look for to maximize meter padding:


Kargath: Iron Bomb stacks

Butcher: Gushing Wounds on existing Cleave targets

Brackenspore: Infesting Spores

Tectus: Tectonic Upheaval

Twins: Blaze stacks of Quake

Ko'ragh: Expel Magic: Fire

Imperator Mar'gok: Fixate and Arcane Wrath (Individual)/ Anomalies Stack and Force Nova (Group)

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