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Resto - Simulation and Spell Formulas

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Hi everyone!


To get better at C++ programming I have decided to create a simulation tool for resto shamans.


The basic idea I have is to model a raid and have a damage model that deals damage to the raid in a certain way. I will also model a resto shaman that casts heals to the raid as I would have done myself. I will then be able to determine things such as HPS and how each of our stat affected the total healing done.


The project is as I said mainly created to get better at programming. I will decide later if the tool is actually useful or not smile.png .


However, when I decided to model my first healing spell, Healing Wave, I ran into some problems and I hope someone can help me.


According to wowdb, http://www.wowdb.com/spells/77472-healing-wave, the healing done of Healing Wave sould be

Heal = 4.125 * SP


This formula times our benefit from Restorative Waves (30%) should make a Healing Wave heal for

Heal = 4.125 * SP * 1.3


On my shaman I have 5084 SP which should result in a Healing Wave of

Heal = 4.125 * 5084 * 1.3 = 27262

However ingame testing shows that I heal myself with Healing Wave for 27370 at 100% HP.


The difference is not huge but it is bugging me a little bit. What am I missing here? Does our mastery have an effect even if I'm at 100% or is the formula on wowdb wrong?


I could make my own models of all healing spells by just gathering data and fitting a curve but it would be so much easier if I could just take the formulas from e.g. wowdb.


Thank you!

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Hey Assen!


Please keep us updated on your project, it sounds really useful and interesting to play around with. I'll provide whatever support I can with theorycraft. :-)

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