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Happy Birthday, Zagam!! (and birthday buffs!)

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God damn wife trolling me.  My birthday is almost over.


Birthday present from devs:


Devastation now increases Critical Strike rating gained from stats of Destruction Warlocks by 15%, up from 5%.

Master Demonologist has had its effects increased by 33%.


This basically rolls out to about a 0.7% gain if you stack Mastery as Destruction and a 1.5% gain if you stack Crit.  Either way, doesn't address the real issues of the class.  Disappointing.


For Demonology, it's about a 2% gain in caster form and a 4% gain in Metamorphosis - so about a 2.5% overall gain.  Again, doesn't address issues with the class.

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Demo buffs were all I asked for. It's like Blizzard knew it was my day of birth.

Happy birthday man, need to have a birthday more often if it means we'll be buffed! tongue.png

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