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Qqshaman Raid Videos - Resto with guild vent (no music)

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Hello, I am Qqshamanheal - I play a resto shaman as my main. I have been playing WoW since the start. I am currently progressing through Vaults/Fear as a 25m raiding guild. Here are a few raid videos from our kills. I will upload more when I get them recorded.

What to expect from the videos:

1. Guild Talk - open vent

2. Hearing our call outs and what we are currently doing with cool downs

3. I dont think I play music on any of the videos but I might be wrong - all footage is recorded live with no editing.



Four Kings:


Will of the Emp:


Blade Lord Ta'yak


guild :


Recruting DPS/healers/Tanks - the works.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi Qqshaman,

Thanks for the contributions! I'll check them out when I have time, maybe I'll learn something for my quite casual guild's progress.

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