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I use to play alot in LK and at that time unholy was the best for DPS but now that i started playing again in MOP I was told that 2H frost does the best Dps.... so idk what to do.... does anyone have any good explanation on what pulls down better Dps... Thanks!

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I believe I can shed some light on this.

Right now, between Frost 2H and Frost DW, 2H wins. It's also a bit more fun to play, in my opinion. There are simulations and theories floating around that could make a certain set-up of DW pull ahead, but nothing as of yet is confirmed.

So, for Frost, 2H with Runic Empowerment is what you should be playing. It plays fairly simply. We have a guide up for it of course, and you can read more stuff there (you can find it from the Classes menu), but you're basically keeping up diseases (through Outbreak when available, and Plague Strike/Howling Blast otherwise), using Obliterate on cooldown, Howling Blast only on Rime procs, and dumping focus with Frost Strike (only when you have 2 runes of the same kind down). Use Killing Machine procs with Obliterate, not with Frost Strike (easier said than done, as you will soon learn).

Unholy (2H only), for which we also have a guide, also does fairly well. Its playstyle hasn't changed much from Cataclysm, but if I recall correctly it's quite different than what you were used to in Wrath of the Lich King. It uses Runic Corruption instead of Runic Empowerment, so your rotation is overall more fluid and more reliable/predictable. You don't end up with long periods of time when you have no ability to hit (which does happen as Frost).

Unholy's damage is a bit below Frost's - but Unholy gains a much greater boost during the DK execute phase (sub 35% when you can use Soul Reaper), since Soul Reaper benefits from the Unholy Mastery. So on fights where the execute phase is long, or important, or the boss takes increased damage then, Unholy is a monster.

Personally, I'd suggest giving Frost 2H a go. Read our guide, spec your character and give it a whirl. And if you have any questions, fire away!

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