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Brewmaster Monk - Pros & Cons

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Hi, i was searching for it some time and haven't really found any good topic about this..

Ok, let's see, as long i play bm monk(few weeks now), during heroic 5 mans, mougshan vaults and now heart of fear i can say brewmaster is 'almost' well designed.

First of all let's talk about psychical dmg, a lot of it... Large packs of trash mobs and mostly bosses, which hits us for enormous dmg(even with stagger)

Example: Will of the Emperor, this fight for brewmaster monks is like 'from devastating combo to devastating combo, lets hope we will survive'. it's completly rng what will happen, i have build hit/exp/haste and still got almost 60% stagger, a lot of haste and almost for every 'psychical dmg phase' on WotE 12-15 stacks of elusive brew.

Summing: 44% dodge + 29% parry + 58% stagger (all got uptime around 70-80%) and still i got 1shooted by boss with his melee hits. Ok i got dampen harm and fortifying brew but when i use it what will happen on next phase? its hard to predict, 1 fight u wont get any hits, on another everything will hit u even with such awesome avoidance... Its kinda hurt people, that u die even if u try so hard, cause rng is a bitch. Other tank classes dont have such problem.

My point is, dk,pally,warrior got plate armor and some got shield too, druid got guardian buff 330% armor... and what monk have? nothing, stagger wont help when u get hit 3-4x in 2sec for 150k...

Ok i cried a little, now lets look at strong monk side:

- statue(shield ally for good amount of dmg)

-pretty good self-healing

-stagger, which works very good in sustain dmg(its worse when boss burst u hardcore because armor>stagger)

-great movement, aoe/single target dps/

-good survi vs sustain dmg, good cooldowns

if i missed something, write it, this topic may look like a lot of crying but that is my opinion now, i didnt write about other bosses in raids because all of them got pretty well-rounded dmg which brewmaster can avoid/purify and be fine

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Would you be willing to post your armory link, so we can check to see if there is anthing we can do to help? I've experienced a fair amount of RNG issues as well, but I'd like to check your gearing strat just in case.

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When we attempted stone guard heroic last night, I kept an eye on damage intake between myself, and the DK tank. Even when tanking two of the guards, the DK took 10% on average more damage then myself, and the healers reinforced that statement. As long as you use PB at an appropriate time, it can be more useful then the armor etc. other classes have.

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However, when Shuffle is active, the burst damage you're concerned with is immediately reduced by 40% which is added to your stagger. If a burst hit is 100,000 (after your armor reduction and the additional 25% reduction from Ox Stance), you're only going to be taking 60,000 immediately - as soon as that spike hits, use your PB to remove, instantly, that other 40%. You've eliminated 40% of the burst damage right off the top without blowing a CD like Shield Wall or Icebound Fortitude. It seems to me that with all that going for us, as long as a Brewmaster has Shuffle up as much as possible and uses PB intelligently, Bremaster Monks actually have more damage mitigation than most other tanking classes.

(Even if it's multiple burst hits in a row, you're still dropping almost half that damage with proper PB and Shuffle management.)

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