Shadow Priest CoP & Haste Question

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Howdy all. I've recently begun to gear up my shadow priest alt and I've had a question regarding the rotation. I'm using CoP and Dotweaving. 


I just so happened to get a load of gear with Haste on it (unbuffed, it's sitting at about 18%), and I notice at this point while using the default DoTweave rotation in the shadow priest guide here, that my DoTs no longer have time to expire before I finish the rotation. I can sometimes throw in my Tier 6 talent for a GCD, but (especially under PI or Lust) this doesn't always give them enough time anyway. I've been casting extra Insanity (letting it tick for more than 2 GCDs) to compensate, but I'm concerned that this may be a DPS loss (as it delays Mind Blast by a GCD).  


Is there a DoTweave rotation that works better at high haste levels, or is it okay for me to let Insanity tick more? Would it be better for me to not DoTweave, or to play CoP Lite, with this much haste? 




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On fight's that allow it, shielding yourself before a D.Plague for Reflective Shield damage will help you out with this.  (Remember, it only works on self-casts.) 


I've been running into this problem myself on a few fights using the Icy Veins dotweave.  I think Drye's dotweave does a better job of it though, so give that a shot if you haven't yet.  It's a little complicated, but once you understand what it's trying to do (replace more mind spikes with insanity channeling) it makes a lot of sense.

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