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assassination rogue theorycrafting

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Rogue that started from LK and have been doing it from behind ever since.

Here's my armory


So I was developing a theory regarding some of the new stats included this expansion and have something I'd like confirmed.

Ignoring some of the Stat weights priorities I was wondering if something would give me more dps.

Having night stalker instead of focus for the 50% extra damage on envenom from vanish, coupled with grabbing as much mastety -> multistrike -> versitility stats as possible off gear.

I also stubbornly refuse to use glyph of vendetta sometimes because blizzard likes to troll us rogues on almost all fights at the start of every expansion.

I have been doing this myself and find that I am still just lacking another 655 weapon and 2 reliable trinkets.

I start the fight doing the typical pot-> stealth SS mutilate to 5

rupture->muting -> 10 points whilst waiting for rupture to get refreshable.

Now when I refresh rupture I get ananticipation to 5 again use my SR + vendetta ∧ trinket macro -> vanish envenom -> mutIlate once or twice -> prep& revanish en venom etc( I wI'll have used arcane torrent as well for the energy).

My main logic for trying abuse non glyph ed vendetta night stalker with mastery and multistrike is because I generally feel like I will only have that 12 secoND window out of 20 to tunnel a boss and find that the guaranteed en venom critical hit plus chances of multistrike make this somewhat viable.

Sorry this is a mess typing on a phone while in a car.

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First off, don't text and drive :P


I seriously doubt this would give you more damage. It might give you a higher (very) short window, but overall you lose a TON of damage. 


Also, not prioritizing Crit prevents you from gaining your bonus cp, which hurts your sustained damage even more.

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