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Tournament Play Basics? Query

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So just as a heads up I am 100% a casual player - love Hearthstone but never really push much further than rank 13/12 (I know I know I'm a scrub).


Anyway theres quite a few of us in my WoW guild that play hearthstone casually and we generally have social events on a Saturday - so I decided to set up a guild hearthstone tournament.


I intend to use WoW gold for prize money to give people an incentive.  Looking at maybe 10ish people.


How do you think I set it up?  I've never watched any tournaments etc so don't know the usual format, but was thinking best of 3 rounds (up to 3 decks can be used per tournament) and the winner proceeds to the next round.


Is this the way to go or do players only play with one or two decks?


Cheers for reading my noob thread and any suggestions on what decks to use would be much appreciated so I don't have to spend much gold ;)

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Here is a layout of a tournament:






If you know how many players you are going to have, you fit them into brackets like this, you will notice that the all the rounds are a exponent of 2 (1, 2, 4, 8 ,16, 32, 64, etc). Some of these slots can be blank, so players paired with a blank spot automatically goes through to the next round.


If you have more than 8 players, the first few rounds are Single-Elimination.


Single-Elimination: If a player lose 1 match, they are out of the tournament. 

(Note: 1 match can consist of more than 1 game; one game, best-out-of-three, best-out-of-five etc)


Once you have 8 players left from single elimination, the tournament divides into a winner's bracket, and a loser's bracket. (Players can lose 1 match, but they are still in the tournament).


I suggest players can make 3-5 decks, and then their opponent chooses which 3 decks they play against. A player can only have 1 deck per class.

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Ooh I like that!


Like I said we are all super casual so it shouldnt be a problem either way but would be nice to have some sort of format people can use.


Hoping we can try and get it all done in the one night (or two at most) and then we can maybe do a tournament every month or so!


Mind if I steal the picture and post to our guild website?

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