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When to Focus Shot.

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Should you try to focus shot around 30-40 focus or burn all focus and use focus shot around 0-10

It depends on what is coming off cd and how soon it is.  For SV, if BA is coming off cd in ~3-4s and you're at 30-40 then you use AS > FS > BA > continue.  If you're at 0-10 focus then FS > AS > Trap/AS dependng on TotH > BA > continue.  Everything is relative to how much focus you have and what is coming off cd and how soon it is.

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The optimal use for Focusing Shot is achieved when:

1) Casting it will not overcap you on Focus.

Have less than this amount of focus before casting Focusing Shot:

  • SV, TotH: 40
  • SV, SF: 35
  • MM, TotH: 60
  • MM, SF: 55

2) Casting it will not delay high priority abilities (Chimaera / Exp. Shot / Black Arrow / AMoC / Barrage), or will delay them the least. 


Try to find these sweet spots to cast Focusing Shot, and if need be - delay casting it by using Arcane Shot and Explosive Trap.


Imagine your shot priority as a strict sequence, a conveyor belt, made of high priority abilities, and the gaps between them are filled with Focusing Shots, Arcane Shots and Explosive Traps, which can wobble around as much as you need. 

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