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I am new to mw healing and this was one of the best attempt i have done and im not sure what i am doing wrong it seems like ever boss fight i do with my co healer resto druid he is always beating me 


this is my current set up http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Kelmoreia/simple


and his http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Darggy/simple


i got the copelands clairity from a drop so i decided to use it cause crit is 2nd stat priority

but wondering if the candle would be better just for the raw intel i currently do not have mana problems


and i try to blanket raid in renewing mist and use chi on em is no raid damage is going out and use upplift for raid dmage and helaing surge as emergency

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TL:DR version will be at the bottom.

Ok first and foremost I don't know my way around WoL as well as I know warcraftlogs so maybe someone can help more. I couldn't find your chi generated/wasted for example which is one of the things I feel might be problem for you.


Kargath Mythic maybe isn't the best boss to post since there is very very little damage & what damage there is so sporadic. If it were a hard fight it would be a bad one for us as Mistweavers since the damage just doesn't suit ReM/Uplift/RJW



So I've picked out this twins heroic pull instead :) http://worldoflogs.com/reports/h20s21g8b6n57j82/details/19/?s=2690&e=3056


Overhealing overhealing & more overhealing


So basically there are a couple things here. Similarly to your Kargath pull your renewing mist is above uplift. That should never be the case. You're not putting that chi into enveloping mist so the only conclusion I can come up with is you're A) Barely generating any chi or B) (More likely reason) You're capping chi and wasting it instead of casting uplift. But when you are casting it people are at full health because it has 55% overhealing :(.


As mistweaver you have chi generators that cost mana & spells that cost chi and create mana tea. Your spells that consume chi (uplift/enveloping) are very low on your logs so to me that says you're either generating chi slowly or bottlenecking your chi (or both). The only things I can see that suggest slow chi generation are: Not spot healing enough with surging, not using power strikes.

On a positive note you seem to be using expel harm off cooldown and using RJW. Speaking of RJW...


You have way too much overhealing with RJW! 41%!!! WAT. This thing is a smart heal. It heals 6 injured targets. It's 10% base mana and what it essentially does is double your hps while it's up. In 670-675 gear for example. It gives 250k output over 5 seconds (ish) - 50k hps. You need to only use this when it will do very little overhealing and hit 6 people (at least 4 anyway). On twins for example I would be using this during quake or after a large pulverize & generally get 5-15% overhealing with it. But it's a good sign that you're using it anyway because it's just so OP right now. Just gotta use it right


Next thing is pretty minor. Use Chi Burst, not chi wave.


Your revival was 700k (80% overhealing), of course if you used it to save 4-5 peoples lives that was correct. I can't judge this without being there. But try to avoid overhealing with with. 30-50% overhealing is pretty standard on a revival.


My overall advice is if you're running Pool Of Mists is to plan ahead for damage. On twins for example I have 3 RenewingM charges ready and out on the raid just before quake comes in. Then when it hits I do a double uplift on the raid, then get in and use RJW. While building up more chi to cast more uplifts = Barely any overhealing & the raid blanketed. Then I revival the first large pulverize. Uplift does the same healing on 20 as it does on 6 but you will get far less overhealing throwing a wider net. It's also smarter on more people since the DR wont count people on full health :).

You want to only use the 3rd ReM charge when the fight is chill really. That way you still get the maximum chi per minute from it but you can still blanket and uplift spam whenever. So just float between 2-3 charges. 


The mana tea Glyph..... Ok. This bottlenecks your mana regen & is literally just a pointless glyph. It restricts the amount of mana tea you can drink to 2 every 10 seconds. It FORCES you to use a global on mana tea every 10 seconds or else you get  a backlog of stacks that it wont let you drink. What if your raid is getting rekt for 40 straight seconds. Without the glyph you can ignore your tea and just drink it later when things are chill. With it you are forced to choose between being oom or using those 4 globals to heal a half dead raid.

Lets do some quick maths. Global cooldown = 1.5 seconds (for arguements sake, forget haste exists for 1 minute) Mana tea glyph = 2 stacks consumed in 1.5 seconds = 1 stack per 0.75 seconds of downtime incured by drinking. Fully haste capped with a global at 1 second you would get 1 stack every 0.5 seconds with the glyph.


With no glyph. You channel 1 stack every 0.5 seconds baseline. So if you had a 1.5 second global you would get 3 stacks in that window vs 2 with the glyph. You need to be fully haste capped for the glyph to even be as time efficient. And even if you were haste capped, it STILL forces you to use a global every 10 seconds. And creates a major bottleneck as you get more crit. 

Sorry for glyph rant I know you're new. Just don't use it lol


I noticed in your armoury that you're specced for Xuen. In your logs you use RJW. Keep using RJW, Just manage it better :)




Use RJW for heavy raid damage only. Our most OP spell thats not Revival

Use pool of mists to blanket your raid before incoming damage & have dat chi ready for dem sweet uplifts

Spec Chi Burst

Spec Power Strikes

Avoid Overhealing with revival (But obviously not if people are going to die)

Spot heal with surging more & dont bottleneck your Chi

Stop using the mana tea Glyph. (Dat rant tho)




I'd offer my btag but you play on US :P

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