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Arms Tracking Rend on Multiple Targets

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Hey guys


Fury warrior through and through but switched to arms for Twin Ogron and Tectus.


I have been having difficulty timing my rend on multiple targets in terms of renewing once it has dipped below 5 seconds and what targets still have rend on them.


Is there any tracking solutions you can recommend?


I downloaded 'tellmewhen' and that is excellent...just what i needed. A large rend icon showing the time left but the only draw back is it only shows for the targetted boss.


When I target another boss, it does show the rend time left on that mob but the point was so I didn't have to keep switching to look to see how much rend time is left on each target!


Using Twin Ogron for example...is there anyway with tellmewhen or another add on where I can apply rend to each boss and I have 2 icons or bars showing the countdown time of rend on the different targets so i know when to switch to reapply it?


Hope that makes sense and I would really appreciate any help!


Kind regards



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I've replied to your message that you sent me. I'm supplying most of the answer here in case anyone else may have the same sort of question:



As far as tracking rend on multiple targets I don't have a setup for that. While I could do a focus bar in NeedToKnow, I typically track it mentally and pick a primary target to focus on.


On the Twins, for instance, I typically focus Phemos with Pol as my secondary. Fortunately for us there's nothing that can extend the duration of Rend except us re-applying it ourselves. With this in mind I simply apply Rend to Phemos and then apply Rend to Pol. Once that's done I go back to Phemos. NeedToKnow is set to watch my current target. When rend is sub 5 seconds I refresh it on Phemos and I automatically know it's about to expire on Pol so I'll switch to him and reapply it as well.

That's how I track multiple targets - I mentally keep an order in my head. Nothing can affect the duration of Rend at this time so it works out well enough.

Naturally, things can screw up your rotation of applied targets such as them not being in range for whatever reason (whirlwind / fire for the Twins, for example) but, overall, it's pretty manageable.


If you're insistent on tracking Rend on multiple targets at once you may want to consider Weak Auras 2 as a solution. I am personally not versed well enough to tell you how to do it but from my limited research I believe that it could be done with that addon.


I hope this helps. If you should have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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I use TellMeWhen as well. What you want to do is make a new icon group, set the icons to 4-5 under group settings (either 4-5 columns and 1 row OR 1 column and 4-5 rows), then change the icon type to "All-Unit Buffs/Debuffs." Type "Rend" as the spell to check. Check the "Group Controller," "Show Timer," and "Show Timer Text" boxes.


And there you go.

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I may have to look into this "TellMeWhen".. I've always used "NeedToKnow" but if it has that option.... 

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to begin: sry for my english



for 2 targets i use these macro for targetswitch:


/focus [target=focus, noexists]
/target [combat, noexists] focus
/clearfocus [nocombat, noexists]
/stopmacro [target=focus, noexists]
/target focus
/focus [exists, nodead]


at multiple tab and aura on nameplate



in addition with these weak:






- sort by ascending and with names

- sound if ends

- spellid´s used



anyone idea how i can do bars clickable in wa?




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