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Back again with my Disco

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Hey guys, Been playing my disc priest since  MoP and I noticed big changes  since then. I loved Atonement. lol. Though I'm  coming back to IV forums to ask how i can improve playing my class. I feel like whilst raiding HM I'm constantly active but i'm finishing most fights with 50%-70% manna and i already have a v low amount of Spirit  by comparrison to most healers in my guild, whom sometimes run OOM.


Any advice anyone could offer me I would greatly appreciate. I'll link  my toon and  last nights Log.

Toon: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/Bronzebeard/Emphino/simple

Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9RnvtFCpjWwf1mTh#boss=-3&source=12


Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


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Your staff and one of your rings aren't enchanted, your neck is enchanted with crit. That's a substantial loss of mastery and spirit.


You're not using Archangel, at all. That's a huge loss of healing. Use it, on CD with 5 stacks.


You're not using CoW and PWS to cover your tanks from top to toe during Necrotic Breath, which opens them up to a large amount of damage and you're not doing a whole lot of healing to the mushrooms either. This is a fight where you should focus on your tanks during necrotic breath and mushrooms otherwise, that matters much more than scoring high on the meters.


On Butcher, you're hard-casting CoW and PoM. Try instead to focus on using PWS and EAA+PoH, using PoM instead. With 2 paladins, tank healing should be more than covered.

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Yeah,  can't afford the  staff enchant  yet. Very expensive for me to replace. IT ina couple of runs  hopefully with the wand n off-hand.


For the butcher are  you suggesting i Drop CoW and pick up WoM.


I generally struggle with the Brakenspore fight just because i think that was my 2nd time involved with the fight i've mostly been doing the Moss due to being the lower geared member. So  tacs on my part are a bit all over the place. I'll look  a little more into  Neurotic Breath.


I also struggle to get  Evangelism up to 5 stacks and then  maintain enough to pop AA and have a decent effect with it.


Thank you for your reply i will work on what you've said and  see if i can improve. Once again Thank you.

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Hey  guys I'm back again. Looking  fo a little  more  fine tuning only have one fight to  go from, sadly I was asked to dps instead of heal through out till  the last fight.  Second attempt i seemed to understand the tactics  alot more and what was going on,

I'm being told i'm under performing I'm aware I am but I'm stuck as to where I can improve I have all the mastery i can get my  furry hands on.  As much spirit I can get at the moment. I oom'd once during the  the fight we suceeded on. Just at a loss.  I guess I could try to use Penance  a little more.


Any way any  advice on how to improve my  rotation would be greatly appreciated. smile.png

Char :- http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bronzebeard/Emphino/advanced

Logs :- https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/hTgqmb32Vfnt9AJK

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