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Tankadins Changes 1/15/15 (what now?)

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Apparently the following changes are active or will be:



January 15


            Reduced the damage of Seal of Truth for Protection Paladins by 80%. Protection Paladins should primarily use Seal of Insight for defensive value.
            [Currently in Testing]Seraphim now grants 750 of each stat for Protection Paladins (down from 1000).


In my opinion; Blizz has just amde any level 100 Talent a joke!

Now to choose which Joke is least funny and most viable for Raid play.


I was so excited by the notion that Tankadins were viable once again for true Raiding, and even was stepping back into PvP again with my Sissy.


I am angry beyond proper expression, especially after mucking through the tragedy that was MoP.


So; which talent is now most viable to fulfill the role I have chosen for this toon?


Any help is appreciated




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theck made a post on another forum. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1631447-Prot-WoD-Discussion/page104.  
seraphim is still slightly ahead but not by much. That is probably with as much uptime as possible which isn't always how we may play it depending on situation. I figure I'll just use Holy Shield and Insight and say the hell with it. I might even use Divine Purpose all the time as well. It will probably give me my best survivability and free heals if needed. 

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I have read the post....not a short one by any means....and I would point out that Seraphim was nerfed today as well.


I would also point out that Holy SHield is Luck based (ie. RNG),

With my Luck/experience with these things in game over the last few years, I would suggest that Holy Shield would Proc, 10 seconds after the fight is over. I consider Holy Shield an unreliable, non-predictable and non-viable course of choice for any  serious raider. Holy Shield should suffice in LFR's and lower, but I would never recommend Holy Shield for any tank going to be doing Normals or above.


I will switch over to Seraphim in the interim, but I would also suggest underlining the "[Currently in Testing]" notice on the update post.

I am tranlsating this to mean that the new nerf for Empowered Seals and Seals altogether is now carved in stone, but also additional nerfs to Seraphim should be anticipated in the future.


Therefore I am left to believe that, once again, Tankadin is no longer a desirable Raid Tank Spec.

As was shortly ago made apparent to me by my Raid lead, when asked a multitude of questions that I do not have answers too, and that our raid lead is considering a new tank line up.

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I wouldn't go that far to say holy shield is unreliable. It's a perfectly fine option and even more so now.


I agree, but as it works and with my in game "luck ", I find myself thinking that Holy Shield will become the lesser of the evils, rather than an honest viable choice.


I am axiously looking forward to the updates to "Protection Paladin Tank Guide (Wod 6.0.3)", and hope that the updates will be posted for consideration of game play soon.

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I agree with you.  I've had plenty of boss kills were holy shield did very little work.  I was out in the world today and just felt much weaker than normal. That was probably a lot to do with the SoT changes.

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Went on our weekly Raid run.....didna wipe three times to the first boss, before I got almost 20mins of WTF-arse-ripping from my raid lead :/


The DK that is almost 20 iLvL's under me had better performance. where I smoked him the week(s) before.


Wife is asking me if this is something I am doing to myself, that what Blizz has done, has made me want for failure. I doubt this, but will entertain almost any consideration.


I explained to Raid Lead that I may have to roll a completely different tank spec, and join again once I get my tanking act together. She is NOT happy.

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