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[Frost Mage] DPS Help needed

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Hello guys, I need some help with my frost mage DPS as I feel I can do much much better.


Armory:  http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Polymorphous/simple

Logs in full HM HC:  https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/xDhtcZp17NbAPfq9#type=summary&fight=4


1) I understand my weapon needs to be changed ASAP and that will probably give me a good boost in my DPS


2) Do not compare my DPS with the others who were in my group as they were 12 +/- ilvls higher than me, but instead compare my DPS to other 650 ish frost mages.


3) I'm using Unstable magic over frost nova, should that be changed?


4)I switched from Mirrors to RoP during the Butcher fight since there is almost 0 movement and I noticed a DPS decrease! How is that possible?


5) I get a HUGE DPS drop in high movement fights, this can be seen during tectus and imperator, how can I fix that?


Thanks in advance smile.png

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can't read logs now but:

3) yes UM is shit

4) Mirrors is OP for frost ST. So take it

5) Use Ice Floes for movement and that changes dps outcome

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