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Arcane/Frost Mage in need of help with Frost DPS

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Hi, My mage is Icthelion Sargeras US - Armory Link -


Warcraft Log - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/PxFgh3m8NkW6LCAM#type=damage-done&fight=12


I primarily run Arcane for single target fights with light movement, but have been attempting to use Frost for cleave/high movement fights and have had poor results.  After reading through the forums, I was able to analyze my own parses to learn if my FoF and Brain Freeze usage was acceptable (mostly it is not) but I am making strides which can be seen in my Twins log.


I used Frost in three of the 6 fights from the parse (Tectus, Blackenspore, & Twins).  It is twins I am most concerned about analyzing as it feels like an ideal fight for Frost and if i can improve my DPS there, I can pull it up on all fights.  On this particular twins fight I had 50 FoF procs/52 Ice lances and 31 BF procs/31 FFBs.  I lined up my CD's as best I could but still my DPS is much lower than my single target Arcane DPS.


Talents for each fight:

  • Kargath - Arcane - SN-RoP-PC
  • Butcher - Arcane - SN-RoP-PC
  • Tectus - Frost - Nova - MI - PC
  • Bracken - Frost - Nova - MI - PC  (Used flamethrower)
  • Twins - Frost - Nova -MI - Ice Meteor (accidentally left this on from PvP)
  • Ko'Ragh Arcane - SN-IF-PC


Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated for either spec.  If I am unable to improve my DPS, I will have to go Fire (which i hate to do because I prefer Frost outside of the raid).


Thank you in advance for your time.  It does not go unappreciated.

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