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Hi, i have some questions. I think i am "okay", but i want be better(and i know i can). My progress for now 4/7 mythic.


What i not rly understand - what better use EF or SS, couse when i check logs - lot of pallys using EF, but when i looking at method video or other - they prefer SS.

Here my thoughts:

SS will absorb more(~5k per 5 sec) dmg than EF will heal(~1k per 2 sec + 20% mastery shield).

EF affected by mastery and will stack shield on tank, SS ignore this stat.

Both affected by haste, not shure for what spell haste better.

SS need one GCD, but coud be used on 4 targets at same time(3 stack+1 after 10sec).

EF don't need GCD, but often you coud buff it only at 2-3 targets, maby 4 but not for long time.

EF heals target, SS only shield it - for some fights heal better.

SS incast, so you can refresh it while runing and "heal" targets with this.

SS feels better, but why so many paladins not use it? 


Next thing - when to use Holy Radiance? I usualy use rotation like HR-Shock-HR-Shock-Light of Dawn for aoe damage(brakenspore, tectus). But it feels like i loose HPS and it's not enough for aoe heal. Maby i shoud not use LoD at all and cast next HR or FlashOfLigh for Holy Shoc proc?


Here logs from Brakenspore. Also there logs with Tectus, but i think there my tank  swithc glyph/spec before pull, so my BoL fade from him and i miss lot of heal couse of it(totaly my mistake, shoud rebuff it before pull).



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