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Hello, I'm new to the forums but I'm making this post because I know the pains of destruction warlocks in pvp very well since wod launch. I'm writing this to show you destruction can be just as powerful as that frost dk or that feral druid.

You will literally dominate 1v1 and it can take as much as 3 people to bring you down. I'm aware that bliz will likely nerf this playstyle if many people start using it but I wanted my fellow warlocks to share in the fun regardless.

I apologize in advance if this has already been posted.


Ember tap

Mortal coil

Soul link(gives demonic sac 20% max hp bonus)

Demonic sacrifice

Archimonde's vengeance

Charred remains


Improved ember tap

Improved healthstone



Sac the voidwalker

At start of fight, time an ember tap before you start taking damage. Since we took the ember tap talent in tier 1, it will only use half an ember. Immolate the target and throw out as much conflag/incinerates as possible. Since we took charred remains, you will gain embers very fast. Use a fear for good measure if necessary and keep ember tap on all the time when not at full health. Ember tap will be healing you for 3% of your maximum health PER SECOND which translates to about 13-15k hps. You will have 4 defensive cooldowns, healthstone, shadow bulwark, the 40% damage reduction one and mortal coil. Rotate those for unlimited survivability. You will never die.

As for damage, build up 4 embers. Yes you will be able to build up 4 embers even while keeping ember tap up 100 percent of the time because of charred remains. After you have four embers, throw out a fear, make sure they don't trinket, then pop dark soul and cast one chaose bolt, two if they are far enough away that the first chaos bolt wont hit and break the fear before you're done casting second one. Cast mortal coil directly after the last chaos bolt to give yourself time to cast another chaos bolt. If all went according to plan, opponent should be in shadowburn health range or very close. Build up at least two embers before casting another chaos bolt because you always want to have an ember for shadowburn to kill, since your incinerates will only tickle.

You will now survive any 1v1 encounter and most of the time be able to kill your opponent. Go enjoy your duels and how everyone goes "wtf, what are you?" I heard plenty of those today outside org after defeating everything from frost dks to ferals to windwalker monks. Some classes are a bit tricky to handle but there are special strategies for taking them down. I'll post in more detail if this thread gets enough attention.

Thank you for reading, good night.

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