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Talent Change, With the Release of BRF & T17 [Enhancement]

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I want to start a discussion about the new T17 set that is about to get released and what that might do to the Talent: Echo of the Elements.


All this that im going to write futher down is only based on logic in my head and is not in any way rooted in facts or math.


What i'm thinking is, that the Talent: EotE should rise in value just with the tier 17, 2-set bonus and even futher with the 4-setbonus.


This is due to that talent giving us more stormstrikes.


Am i looking at this the wrong way?


Is the value of the extra stormstrikes you get from EotE enough for the loss over the other talents even when you have theese setbonuses?


Forgive me for any spelling or gramatic errors, i'm not native in english.


First time I post so be gentle :D



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Hello !

It's my first post too, and i've just 1 question about the 4p t17.

Feral spirit with winfury proc, so what do you think about the glyph of ephemeral Spirits ? Less cd, maybe a better uptime with the 2p t17 , so more winfury ? (And movespeed for us )

About the EotE, could be a good idea, more stormstrike, so more feral spirits again. Must try it !

Same about my gramattical errors, i'm french (Yeah, frog eater, funny for an enh Sham :p)



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